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Nigeria: Waterborne Disease Imminent In Kaduna As Taps Go Dry, … authorities Claim Ignorance

Apr 24, 2019
Gov. El- Rufa’i


For the past 2 weeks, residents in most parts of Kaduna Metropolis, Northwest Nigeria have been experiencing scarcity of water, the worst in recent times.

Some of the residents now depend on among others, wells, while those who are lucky to have private water  boreholes close by, get a sigh of relief, though amidst epileptic public power supply.


Some residents queueing for water at a borehole along one of the streets in the Metropolis


Managing Director, State Water Corporation Sanusi Maikudi however claimed ignorance of the scarcity when contacted.

He told AFRICA PRIME NEWS on Tuesday in Kaduna that as far as he was concerned all the substations or units “are working and supplying water.”

“Where there is no water, it must have been that customer/ customers must have been cut off for owing water bills.

“If anybody comes here to complain of no water supply, such customer should first show his water bill before he or she could be attended to”, Maikudi asserted.

Defending further, he said, only one – third of customers pay water bills.

When reminded of the situation in particular areas in Kaduna South, the Water Corporation Managing Director re- emphasized his stance saying “if people don’t have water it means they don’t pay their bills”

The Managing Director however spoke of the population growth coupled with burst pipe through man made activities and epileptic public power supply as some factors affecting the services of the Corporation.

Meanwhile, Maikudi said the State Government has taken delivery of some equipment from Sweden to boost water supply.

“As soon as money is released by the Ministry of Water Resources for the installation, water supply will increase to 380 million litres per day , from the current 270 million litres”,  hesaid.