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Are you a journalist, or opinion writer in Africa looking for a medium to express yourself?

If you believe in yourself and think you have what it takes to write, then feel free to contact us with your articles, we would love to support you with a platform to express yourself.

Send a mail with a cover letter to:


Areas of Focus


Article Standard

  • Except for Breaking News, articles should be at least 500 words, bringing perspectives to the story.
  • At the moment we only accept articles written in English
  • Articles must be original and submitted by the writer – we heck ALL submissions against plagiarism and breach of copyright.
  • No bad language


Editorial Guidelines for Unsolicited Works from other Writers

  • Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome from writers. But decisions to publish or not to publish an article are made at the discretion of the editorial board based on factors including article’s relevance, timeliness, interest to readers, and style among others.
  • Writers are expected to submit only completed works, rather than outlines or pitches. AFRICA PRIME NEWS will not consider, or publish partially completed works.
  • Writers are to submit only exclusive content that has not been published elsewhere, including websites, blogs, newspapers, etc. AFRICA PRIME NEWS requires the first right of refusal and will copyright all works published. There are no exceptions.
  • All submissions will be edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. AFRICA PRIME NEWS does not guarantee that authors will review the final work prior to publication due to time constraints inherent in the production process.
  • Writers should include applicable charts, graphs and images with their submissions, with labels and caption information. It is the author’s responsibility to secure the publishing rights to any charts, graphs or images submitted. Submitted charts, graphs and images should not be embedded in Word documents but saved separately as a TIFF, EPS, or JPEG file at 300 dpi resolution. Photos should be largest, high-resolution file size possible.
  • Submitted content should not be promotional in any way.
  • At the end of articles, the author’s biography will appear consisting of name, affiliation, phone number and an e-mail address where he/she can be reached for more information.
  • The views expressed in such articles are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the official positions or policies of AFRICA PRIME NEWS.
  • The AFRICA PRIME NEWS does not pay authors for unsolicited work that is selected for publication.

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