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Nigeria: Journalists Brainstorm On Impact Of Fuel Price Increase, Anthrax Outbreak On Nation’s Food Security

Aug 4, 2023

A group of journalists brought together by the Africa Media Development Foundation AMDF, and Omniagrik Specialities Ltd. on Tuesday in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria brainstormed on the impact of the fuel price increase and the outbreak of Anthrax disease on the nation’s food security.

The quarterly meeting had the participants drawn from the print, electronic and the new media who were convinced that the increase in fuel price and the deregulation of foreign exchange have negatively affected among others, access and affordability of food by Nigerians.

Managing Director, Omniagrik Specialities Ltd, Dr. Yila Umoru spoke extensively to broaden the knowledge of the participants about the increase across the value chain, consisting of conception, production and distribution to the end user.

Dr. Umoru said apart from moving the produce from the hinterland which largely depend on transportation, the deregulation of forex had added another bitter pill to swallow.

The Omniagrik Specialities Chief Executive who further picked holes on government’s agricultural policy, observed that it was not going to be easy for farmers to purchase inputs, most of which, including chemicals that are imported.
On the Anthrax Outbreak, a bacterial disease which was first reported in Ghana 3 months ago and later in Nigeria, Dr, Umoru traced the disease to animals with legs.

He explained that the disease could be transmitted from animal to man who comes in contact, but however expressed a strong belief that Nigeria has the power to control the disease, if the measures taken so far including vaccinations are sustained.

On the part of the populace, Dr. Umoru allayed fears of possible contact through consumption of hides, especially Kpomo but advised that it should be well cooked before eating.