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2023: Barde’s Campaign Strategy Will Make APC An Opposition In Gombe

By Alhaji Junaidu Usman Abubakar, Gombe

Nitin Namdeo, an Indian author once said “One who has a strategy is never disappointed but full of confidence and enthusiasm”, this is the definition of the personality of Muhammad Jibrin Barde, the Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who shocked all political pundits and analysts to the marrows when he, against all odds clinched the golden governorship ticket of the PDP in Gombe State and I bet you the HOW he did it remains a 21st Century mystery and a shocker to those who thought otherwise.
Take it or leave, a warrior with strategy, is a victorious one even before the war, little wonder the Chinese General and a veteran of war, Sun Tzu said “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

With no doubt, it is clear that the strategist Barde who has changed the course of campaign in the state is already a victorious warrior who will replicate the PDP primary outcome in Gombe State and return the All Progressives Congress (APC) to its original status- OPPOSITION after the 2023 elections.

The truth is there is no escaping defeat for APC in view of the current leadership malnutrition being exhibited by the crops of leaders in the state. The APC has betrayed the trust of the good people of Gombe State and at a time leaders are working to meet the expectations of their followers, the APC-led government of Gov Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe State has rather become the biggest SCAM and an unfunny joke which must be rejected via the ballot in a few weeks from now by all those who want a better tomorrow from 2023, led by the master strategist himself Muhammad Jibrin Barde (MJB).

For those who have had the opportunity of witnessing some of Barde’s town hall meetings with the grassroots, it is clear that Gov Inuwa Yahaya has made Barde’s strategy easier to execute in view of the governor’s governance poverty which has ravage every Local Government Area of the state. With APC-led government paying lip service to governance, it is clear that an additional four years of APC government will lead to a total collapse of a state that is already in an Intensive Care Unit-like condition as a result of the heavy debt profile of the state running into hundreds of billions and the APC-run government is still not done borrowing from all available lenders irrespective of the high price that generations unborn may pay for this financial immaturity being exhibited in Gombe State.

The recklessness of this administration has made more residents to clamour for MJB who has already become a household name in several communities and amongst rural and urban dwellers to become governor of the state in 2023.

Also, Gombe wants MJB because of his proven integrity as banker with international repute and as a financial expert that can turn the fortunes of Gombe around and make governance count for the benefits of the ordinary people in the state.

Many have said that Barde is full of confidence and enthusiasm ahead of the forthcoming elections that the PDP will secure unprecedented victory to confirm the failure of the APC in the state. From all indications and the nature of campaign strategies and calibre of persons teaming up with Barde, it is clear that APC will not spend beyond the mandatory 1,461 days stipulated by law.

The good thing about MJB’s politics is all about grassroots mobilisation; Barde has done remarkably well in terms of professionalism and politics and nobody can dispute the fact that how he emerged as the youngest, vibrant grassroots mobiliser is still one of the wonders for the APC and all haters of good governance which is what Barde represents by all measures.

With the massive poverty and hunger steering the common people in the faces daily couple with the unprogressive mindset of the present administration, citizens of Gombe State are now more determined to shock those who have been parasites to state resources, by voting Barde who is progressively-inclined enough to tap from his experience as a man who went through the rough roads to record monumental success in the private sector and has exclusively achieved; Gombe cannot afford to miss the leadership resource of Barde for him to replicate the success made in the private sector to develop his native state of origin Gombe State.

Some critics have had course to say the minute defection of some PDP members will affect the chances of the party in 2023 polls but the truth is that all that Jibrin Danbarde needs to succeed are with him.

Those who are familiar with our mothers’ old ways of preparing rice, wheat or any cereal crops, know that anyone who cooks any of these cereal crops with its chaff would not have the desired taste and result, hence the need to blow out the chaff or allow the wind of change to do the needful; gladly so the wind of change has blown away the “political husk” from the PDP and today the PDP is stronger and better as only loyal party-men who are concerned about true leadership and service to the people that are now left, so the meal of the PDP is sweet and come 2023, the PDP will sweep polls and its victory will even be sweeter.

Barde has chosen to be on the side of the people to give them true freedom to exercise their rights as citizens as enshrined in the constitution and that is why he had partnered good men from the state to join forces with him to help citizens of the state breath hope and live again as of the time of Dr Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo when citizens enjoyed good governance and students enjoyed a vibrant scholarship system amongst other dividends of democracy.

The few decamping from the PDP has left only loyal party members in the state which is good for the PDP and its chances for victory unlike the APC where many of the chieftains of the APC are so disloyal and hypocritical as some of them are working against the party’s success from within while others “Nicodemusly” visit Barde to pledge their support to his bid to rescue the state from the claws of their party (APC) and its leadership.

Barde is a reservoir of initiatives and strategies and so far, the vibe is good and the pulse of the people is for MJB to become Governor come 2023 through their votes so that good governance can become a reality in Gombe again.Alhaji Junaidu Usman Abubakar Is PDP Deputy Director General On Media Atiku Presidential And Danbarde Governotorial Candidates/Campaign Management Council Gombe State Chapter

Abubakar Is A PDP Deputy Director General Atiku/Danbarde Campaign Management Council Gombe State Chapter

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