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Abubakar Sani Bello; A Governor Or Venom To Security Mishap In Niger State -By Abdulfatah Adamu

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In the last few days, the volume of Insecurity in Niger state is deteriorating and worrisome. There seem to be no good news coming out from Niger state. kidnapping is becoming the order of the day, no day will pass by without hearing of one catastrophe or the other befalling the state, we are gripped in fear and leaving our comfort zones for safety.

I have never imagined a responsible Government will stoop so low and Glaringly watches it subjects living in turmoils for their lackadaisical majors to tackle the security architecture of the state.It is pathetic spotting the state Governor on a viral video dancing and filling his eardrums with Musical sounds the same day our people were killed in Wushishi local government area, what a level of inhumane with zero regards to life from the number one citizen of the state.

It can be recalled that a group of unidentified gunmen reportedly stopped a Niger State Transit Authority (NSTA) bus in the Yakila district of the Rafi Local Government Area in the afternoon of February 15 and abducted at least 21 of the Passengers and two days after again on 17 February 2021, a school pupil was killed and 27 others were abducted by armed men at around 3 AM from their school in Kagara, Niger State.

It can also be recalled that on 21st May 2021 Bandits have killed the son of the Emir of Kontagora and Sardauna Kontagora Alhaji Bashar Saidu Namaska in the farm, and abducted 20 other at Kontagora-Rijau Road. And yesterday it was reported that over 200 islamiyya students were kidnapped at Tegina Rafi local government area.

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We are convinced that the Governor has failed in discharging his obligations and he has not put in place measures to curtail this menacing, devastating and horrific situation despite the previous incidents. This I don’t care and nonchalant attitude displayed by the governor despite the security votes giving has paved way by giving the perpetrators helms to operate freely which led to the recent abduction of another 200 students in the state.

I will be hyperbolic to say it loud that Abu Lolo in Niger state, from 2015 to date was a terrible mistake and a lesson to Nigerlite in all the nooks and crannies of the state. His administration came in 2015 crying, crawling, begging, lying and pointing accusing fingers on the then administration of poor governance and yet failed to work with the aphorism “if a fire Engulfs your neighborhood don’t join the arsonists to stoke it, join the firefighters to extinguish it before it consumes your house”. Surprisingly today, his Government has failed to brace up with the challenges of their responsibilities, as they pictorially turn blind eyes to the crucial issues of insecurity in the state.


A good effective leadership to protect the lives and properties of the citizens, A leader who will appear in the forefront to encourage the security personnel to combat the insecurity ravaging us like Governor Zulum, above all he should be in pursuit of an objective political directions, good governance, positive developmental strides, peace and progress in Niger state. A role model whose conducts must be above board – in morals unblemished, in action uncompressed. A Governor who will be gold fish that has no hiding place because he is always in the eyes of public.

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In the light of the escalating situations of insecurity around us, all hands must be on deck. It is no longer enough to wait for the moribund government or the security agents and officials of the state. Men and women of good will are to rise up to the challenges of ensuring adequate protection of life and property in our society. Rural vigilante groups, security and individual vigilances are today required, more than ever in order to assuage the rising tide of insecurity causalities and mayhem in our society today.

Tomorrow might be too late!

Abdulfatah Adamu can be reached through

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