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Anglican Bishop Condemns Divisive Agitation In Nigeria

Jul 6, 2017
By Auwal Mohammed
Gombe (Nigeria) — Bishop of Gombe Anglican Diocese, in Northeast Nigeria, Right Reverend Henry Ndukuba has condemned sectional agitations from different parts of the country, saying for Nigeria’s indivisibility to be maintained and sustained, no section or geo-political zone should take advantage of the others. 
Ndukuba stated this in an interview shortly after an ordination service of ten priests and three deacons in Gombe, where he came down hard on Nigerian elites for creating the problems currently faced by the country.
According to him, “We stand on the indivisibility of Nigeria and we want to plead for peace because it is better for us to belong together in this entity”.    
“Let no tribe, section, group or geo-political zone think they can take advantage of others, it is not done, we are encouraging Nigerians to be patient with one another, forgive one another, if we will be acting based on the things of the past, then we will not be able to move into the future that God has prepared for us
 “The major problem of this country is not with the common man, it is the elite who manipulate situations and create situations for their own advantage so that they will be able to maintain their positions and relevance”, he said.
While calling on Nigerians not to fall in to the gimmicks of the elite by going into any form of crises, the clergyman called on citizens to continue to pray for the peace of the nation, “We want to ask that every Nigerian to be patient with one another’, he added.
Speaking on the lingering communal clashes in parts of Gombe South Senatorial zone, Reverend Ndukuba said Crises hinders the spread of the gospel and angers the togetherness of one another.
He said, “We have established ten churches out of mission outreach and most of these churches are in Gombe South or Tangale/Waja area”. He therefore wondered why “We fight ourselves and then come to the holy temple to take communion”.
“Any believer that calls himself a Christian that goes along burning, killing or attacking a fellow believer or any other person at all, is not worthy of his calling because all of us are created in the image of God. That person killing has lost all it takes to be a Christian. I want to plead with all of us; there is no sin that we cannot forgive”, he appealed.