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Nigeria: Kaduna Passes Bill For State’s Master Plan Into Law

By Longtong Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) – The Kaduna State House of Assembly on Tuesday has passed into law a bill seeking to establish a master plan for the state.

The executive bill titled, ‘A bill for a law to provide for the establishment of Kaduna master plan law, 2016’, was passed into law during the plenary sitting of the state’s Assembly.

The bill states that: “Any person, who encroaches, interferes or in any way obstructs the orderly implementation of the master plan commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of six months or fine of N250, 000 or both.

“Any officer charged with the responsibility of implementation of the master plan, who falls or collaborate with others to obstruct the master plan shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of three years or a fine of N1 000,000 or both not exempting administrative disciplinary procedures as contained in the civil service rules.

The bill also noted that, the government shall have the right to remove, modify, restructure or reconstruct any existing structure, building or facility in order to bring it into conformity with the master plan and provided that it shall have due regard to provisions of the Land Use Act, 1978 on the payment of compensation in appropriate or deserving cases.

“From the date of commencement of the law, all transactions and Physical developments in the designated planning or urban area of Kaduna metropolis shall be in accordance with the provision of the master plan.

“Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Agency (KASUPDA) or it successors is hereby vested with power, duties and responsibilities to ensure compliance with the master plan in the state.

“Any development carried out prior to coming into force of the law shall not be invalid for non-conformity with the master plan if the owner thereof can establish ownership of the property, obtains all the necessary governmental consents and development approvals prior to the said development and have been up to date in the payment of all fees, charges and rents on the property.

“Any Magistrate court or such other court that may be constituted for the purpose of this law shall try the offender and impose such punishment and sanctions as presented by this law.

“The master plan shall be reviewed after every decade or within such reasonable periods as the Governor may decide,” the law stated.”

The objectives of the law however seeks to boost sustainable economic development of Kaduna State in it National, regional, state and city perspective; to enhance social development, relating to poverty reduction, social well being, cohesion and equity; To improve governance in land administration which hinges on reform of physical planning and community participation in planning processes.

“To enhance sustainable use of natural resources, proper solid waste management including air, surface and ground water quality; To secure property, safety from fire, natural disasters, adequate lighting, and ventilation as well as ensure safety of pedestrians, bicycle ways and people living with disability,” the bill noted.

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