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LinkedIN Organises Colloquium To Salvage Businesses From Policy Fluctuations

By Martha Agas

The LinkedIn Local Abuja, on Thursday organised a forum with the theme ` The Organisational Prosperity: How to Leverage Potentials and Performance to Drive Productivity and Profitability` to mark Workers day.

The move was aimed at salvaging businesses from effects of fluctuation in government policies and boosting productivity.

LinkedIn is the world`s largest professional platform for networking and career development with more than one billion users in 200 countries.

It was created to connect professionals worldwide, equipping them to be more productive and successful.

The LinkedInLocal Abuja was established in 2019 to offer an offline platform for all LinkedIn users based in Abuja by an initiative of Brave Icons, a consulting firm.

Speaking at the fifth edition of the event, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Mr Fife Banks, said fluctuations in policies required businesses to adopt measures in navigating the situations.

Mr Fife Banks, Chief Executive Officer, Brave Icons, initiators of LinkedIn Local Abuja.

He said that the theme was selected in response to outcry on the impact of the current economic hardship in Nigeria.

He said that experts were carefully selected to address the topic and provide measures to ensure the survival of businesses in spite of the economic crisis.

“We did a research and realised that people are looking for strategies, insights to be able to make their business thrive in this economy.

“ We know that the economy has taken a toll on many things such as government policy fluctuations in foreign exchange, and generally speaking, the global economic collapse that we are seeing.

“So a lot of people want to know how to thrive in the middle of all of this, and not just do business for doing sake, “ he said,

He acknowledged the efforts of the government in facilitating ease of doing business in the country, and urged them to ensure their policies were tailored to address the evolving economic landscape.

He said for the government to improve on the welfare of its people, it should provide communication platforms to listen to their needs.

“What government should do is to listen, because the solutions of yesterday cannot be applied for today’s challenge.

“We need to create more avenues to listen and we need to be intentional about it. Listen to the private sector, better understand what people are going through“ he said.

An expert in governance, Mr Shofola Osho, said that to improve workers` productivity, government must be forthright and communicate to the workers the true picture of the economy

Osho, one of the panellists at the event said that understanding the situation would guide them to tailor themselves against being a burden to the government.

He described the event as symbolic and an opportunity for people from different spheres of lives to come together, and share ideas on how to improve productivity and add value to themselves.

Another Panelist, an Investment Manager, Ms Kai Orga, urged employers to create an enabling environment for individuals to thrive.

She further suggested creating a systematic structure that enabled staff members to grow effectively in their roles, thereby promoting improved performance in their duties.

She also urged workers to take charge of their individual growth by periodically reflecting on their performance and making the necessary adjustment to improve their competencies.

A participant at the event, Victor Omachi, shared that he gained insight on how organisational prosperity began with workers adopting such mindset, and employers establishing a reward system to boost productivity.

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