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Exodus To Zionistan: Willfully Or Woefully, By Abukar Arman

Abukar Arman (image: HuffPost)

If you grant a man unchecked power you will in due course discover his true character. And if you grant him absolute impunity, he will gladly showcase the most evil aspect of his values.

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has been granted both unchecked power and absolute impunity and its current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has become the dreadful personification of that hypothetical man. I shall spare you the second-hand trauma of listing or hyperlinking graphic video footages of the sadistic genocide that you, like the rest of the world, may have been watching in real time. Suffice to say, there is not a single article in the Geneva Conventions or laws of war component of the international law mandated to maximize protection of human rights and minimize human sufferings that Israel has not belligerently violated.

With heart-wrenching and hauntingly graphic video footages of Palestinian children being starved under captivity, children being dug out of the rubbles by the bare hands of family members and volunteers, Gaza became a theatre where the sobriety of our conscience, sincerity of faith, and independence of our intellect are tested.

Six months into the genocidal war on Gaza that is likely to become a regional war, Zionist politicians, media groups, think-tankers, and their Arab cronies audaciously talk about what they refer to as “the day after” scenario. What an irony.

On the other hand, some pragmatic high-profile Zionists are openly expressing their concerns for the survival of Israel and how the raging global tide of anti-Zionism may turn into an anti-Semitic fervor that could ultimately subject the Jewish communities around the world into collective dangers. The concern is real since the global public opinion of Israel and the decades long consensus on the Zionist cause has been nose-diving. The global moral outrage against the Zionist regime has reached a global momentum of epic proportions.

Tides Are Turning

Recently, an unprecedented intelligence community report casted a doubt on the strategic soundness of Netanyahu’s leadership and the viability of his stated objective of eliminating Hamas. Soon after that, the highest ranking Jewish-American official, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, went public with his frustration over Netanyahu’s reckless and rogue attitude. A staunch Zionist himself, Schumer rebuked Netanyahu and described him as someone who is an obstacle to peace; someone who “lost his way” who is only interested in saving himself at Israel’s expense. So, he did the unthinkable: he called on Israel to hold new elections.

But Netanyahu is just one part of the complex death engine driving the on-going genocide.

The Two-State Mirage

While Biden and Secretary of State Blinken keep talking about a two-state solution as an option, Netanyahu and his government made it unequivocally clear that they are pursuing an exclusively Jewish state. A Jewish supremacy status that will reject both the two-state and the one-state solution that ensures equal citizenship rights.

For the latter to become sustainable, it would require a competition at the ballot box, a Truth, Reconciliation, and Justice Commission, De-Zionification laws, financial restitution to the Palestinian farmers and other victims of the long repression, dismantlement of the nuclear power under international supervision, and a Holy Sites Guardian Commission that is made of the three monotheistic faiths.

Power of Resilience

Everything that we consider today ordinary or conventional was at one point in time considered something unfathomable or impossible. Examples are too many to count: fall of the Berlin Wall, crumbling of the Soviet Union, science and materialism outpacing humanity, man sprinting 100 meters in less than 10 seconds, US’ abrupt departure of resource-rich Afghanistan.

If you live long enough you are bound to witness God’s transcendental law or how He rotates His blessings—in this case peace, power, and prosperity—between people. Men conquer lands, people, wealth, and consolidate powers to build empires that reach great heights only to see them decompose or crumble down under the weight of their arrogance and lack of introspection.

For the first time in the human history, an AI system generates targets for Israel’s military for ‘maximizing’ the number of attacks while bypassing any moral restraint or the innate human tendency for empathy and sense of remorse.

The Zionist project has reached a dead-end. It has declared itself a perpetual pariah within a community of nations that, by and large, abide to a set of rules that is known as international law. The Palestinian people are in their homeland. They can neither be entirely eradicated nor forcefully cleansed them have proven to the world their unbreakable commitment to their cause and their intergenerational spirit of resilience as they would liberate themselves from the shackles of the Israeli oppression or die trying it. 

Political Pit-bulling

Let me start with this seemingly ironic and politically controversial proposition: Regardless of the International Court of Justice’s ruling and what the looming criminal charges of International Criminal Court may undertake Israel will not stop its campaign to complete its flagrant genocide against the Palestinian people. The only way to stop Israel is to dismantle the system that sustained it.

The Cabal, Not The Lobby

Throughout history, brutality has been the settler colonialists’ preferred instrument of political, social, and economic domination. attaining political domination. Once the foundation for domination is laid out, it is sustained by systematic luring of greedy capitalists and the morally corrupt. There are many examples around the world.

How did the Zionists create global consensus on Israel’s victimhood?

While the Israel Lobby may not be “a secret, clandestine cabal” that directly engages in the undemocratic tactics of stifling any discussions that might lead to criticism of Israel, the colorful international Zionist movement that established it is a different story.

 Edward Bernays is the man historically known as the father of modern day propaganda, public relations, and perception management. Bernays was the nephew of the famous neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. Bernays became one of the most influential and indeed most sought-after professionals of the twentieth century. His most influential works Crystallizing Public Opinion  and Propaganda have inspired and facilitated the infamous Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, to unleash a ruthless dehumanization campaign against the Jews of Germany. Bernays’ method was simple: control the narrative to your absolute advantage and sustain it by perception management to influence emotions. His most effective strategy was what he called “engineering consent” to manipulate hearts and minds of the masses. “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.  Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country,” wrote Bernays.
Where There Is A Will

The ‘fat lady is singing’ for this tragic opera that started with genocide and is about to end with suicide.  Israel must be saved from itself. It is time for political exorcism to expel its evil spirits of hubris, genocide, and impunity.

Since Israel’s sadistic genocide campaign made much of their land uninhabitable, Palestinians of Gaza must be allowed to migrate inward into the occupied land. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council should mandate a diverse transition committee made of independent-minded former statesmen and diplomats to pave the way for the exodus process.

Zionstan should be accepted as the newest member of the UN body in an expedited process. Once established, Zionistan should be disarmed for 76 years which symbolizes the longest and the most ruthless systematic genocide in modern history. This will be both an important history lesson and a deterrent for future generations.

Such extraordinary step is necessary for the following reasons:

To end the on-going genocide that could not be stopped with the Geneva Conventions or any other component of the international law or by diplomatic, economic, and social pressures.

To save Israel from itself- a looming civil war, and to prevent any unfair collective blame that stamps genocide or the G-letter on Jews everywhere. Let us not forget the fact that some of the most vocal activists promoting the Palestinian rights and exposing the genocide regime’s atrocious, above the law criminality are Jews.

A Miracle To Dispel Calamity

April 13 is a day that will be remembered for generations to come. It was a day in which Iran launched a revenge attack on Israel using a massive number of cocktail armaments of drones, ballistic and cruise missiles intended to assert profound military confidence and last warning to the war-deranged Israel.

The Curse of the Eighth Decade is a phenomenon of internal turmoil that led to the demise of two sovereign Jewish kingdoms. Many in Israel are seriously discussing how the hubristic repression and rogue governance of the Netanyahu government is leading to the demise of the Jewish people.

Bi’r Tawīl is a land that is about 10 times the size of Gaza. It is located between Egypt and Sudan. Interestingly, the great colonial divider—British Empire—neither assigned the land to Egypt nor Sudan. Till this day, it neither belongs to nor has there ever been claimed by any country. And this should give Israel an opportunity to make real that sham claim ‘Land without people for people without a land’. Zionistan could become the newest country in the world and indeed a digitally documented open textbook on settler colonial powers’ genocidal tendencies.
Arman is the author of Broken Camel Bells: Somalia Age of Terrorism. He is a widely published geopolitical analyst and a former diplomat – Somalia Special Envoy to the US from 2010 to 2013.

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