Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

African Union Declares Support For Palestine, Request Member States To Cut Ties With Israel

The African Union has expressed its full support for Palestine in the ongoing Middle East conflicts, asking member states to sever ties with Israel.

The AU gave “full support for the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle against the Israeli occupation, represented by the Palestine Liberation Organisation under the leadership under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas, in order to restore their inalienable rights, including the right to self-determination, return of refugees and independence in their State of Palestine, existing side by side with the State of Israel.”

The 54-member continental bloc said last week at its summit that it also condemned Israel’s actions in Gaza and requested member states “to end all direct and indirect trade, scientific and cultural exchanges with Israel.”

The AU called on the international community to live up to the shared principles of humanity and justice.

It expressed outrage at what it described as a humanitarian catastrophe occurring in the Gaza Strip caused by Israeli forces.

The AU expressed concerns about the possibility of the ongoing conflict spreading to Lebanon, other neighbouring countries and the Middle East region.

It further commended South Africa “for taking the bold step to institute proceedings against Israel before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), regarding the blatant violations by Israel of its obligations under the Genocide Convention in relation to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”

In the same vein, it expressed disapproval for the unprecedented support from some countries for Israel under the pretext of “Israel’s right to defend itself.”

It also stressed the urgent need to immediately open safe humanitarian corridors to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinian People.

AU underscored the necessity of resolving the Palestinian issue to achieve a comprehensive peace in the Middle East region, based on the two-state solution, provisions of international law, all resolutions of the international community, the Arab Peace Initiative, decisions by the African Union, and guided by the vision of President Mahmoud Abbas and his repeated calls to achieve peace.


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