Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Misinformation: AMDF To Build Capacity Of 400 Community Residents In Fact-checking Methodologies In Kaduna, Nigeria

By Joseph Edegbo

The Africa Media Development Foundation, AMDF has begun a One-Month Community Sensitization Outreach on Fact-Checking Misinformation in Kasuwan Magani in Kajuru and Makera in Kaduna South Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, Northwest, Nigeria.

The Project which seeks to raise awareness on the prevalence and impact of mis/disinformation in the project communities, will also sensitize and build capacity of over 400 participants in fact-checking methodologies.

Executive Director of AMDF, Mrs Sekyen Dadik disclosed this in a statement announcing the commencement of the project as well as its objectives.

“Mis/disinformation affects all aspects of society, impacting all persons and all sectors of human endeavor. It can bring disrepute to persons and institutions, cause conflicts and clashes or escalate them. “Thus, polarizing people and communities, impacting economies adversely and stagnate growth.
If not curtailed, the spread of false or misleading information can sow discord, cause division and disunity, promote confusion and uncertainty, and consequently inspire wrong decisions.

“In rural or Sub Urban communities where there are few smart phones and internet access is low, misinformation has a greater efficacy. It is generally more readily believable because of low access to alternative narratives, spread by word of mouth and by persons who are known.
“Therefore, the Project aims to reach community individuals with particular focus on the older generation, People Living with Disabilities and women, considering how unverified information could easily pass as the truth within such groups.
“The One Month Project will involve advocacy to community leaders, sensitization outreaches to the target groups to engage them on simple steps to check, verify and confirm information received before passing it on.

“It is believed that at the end of the Project, participants will be able to verify information and curtail the spread of false or unverified information thereby building informed and empowered communities.

“The Community Sensitization on Fact-Checking Misinformation being implemented by Africa Media Development Foundation, is a project under the FactCheck Africa Program of the Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative funded by the United States of America Department of States and supported by BECERA., the statement concludes.

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