Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

SWAN @ 60: Rivers Felicitates With President

The Caretaker Committee of the Rivers State Chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN has congratulated the President on the Association’s 60th birthday.

The Committee, speaking on behalf of the members of the state chapter celebrates with members of the association, including its President, Isaiah Benjamin on this massive landmark.

Cyril Dum Wite, Chairman of the committee, while congratulating Mr. Isaiah Benjamin for steering the ship of the Association towards the right direction, advised him not to deviate from his campaign promises, or the mandate given to him.

Speaking on the state of the association in Rivers State, Cyril Wite took the opportunity to point out that SWAN in Rivers State will play its part to contribute to the growth of the Association and support the ideals of the Isaiah Benjamin led National body.

“We in Rivers State are a microcosm of SWAN at the center, so everything we do should be in line with what the Statutes of the association say, as well as the direction of the National Body,” Wite said.

Cyril Wite reiterated that the Caretaker Committee in Rivers State will deliver on the mandate given to them to reorganise the association in the state and also conduct elections into the State EXCO.



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