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Open Letter From Tangale Community Overseas To Kinsmen At Home In Nigeria

The snake circling a hill, behind 7 round huts is the Totem of Tangale people of Gombe State, Nigeria

Ma lele! Happy New Year.

As we step into the New Year (2024), the Tangale Community Overseas (TCO) brings you warm greetings of hope.

We remind you that the TCO is an association comprising of over 150 Tangale sons and daughters from Tul Tangul Pelou living in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Philippines and India that meet regularly to discuss issues of importance to the Tangale nation.

We are aware of what is happening at home (Tangale land) because we are sons and daughters of the land; we are in touch with people at home, and our members are also at home year-round. So, we understand what most of you (our brothers and sisters) are going through; we feel your pain, see your struggles, and we shall continue to stand with you through it all.

As a people, we are already marking the 3rd anniversary of the demise of our royal father, Dr. Abdu Buba Maisheru, the 15th Mai Tangle. Since his demise, three years ago, the land has not been ruled; the seat has remained vacant, because our elected Mai, Dr Musa Idris Maiyamba, has not been accepted by Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe State, for obvious reasons. He thought Tangale land is one of those lands that can be ruled through puppets – we are far above that. We commend you for ignoring the stooge occupying the palace in Poshiya, and we encourage you to continue to do just that. Let Gov. Inuwa’s errand boys amongst us be reminded that “Minin Tangle” and we choose to remain so. Let them continue to feed Mr. Inuwa with lies that the Tangale people have caved in or will soon cave in on the issue of Mai Tangle stool.

We, however, call on all Tangale sons and daughters at home and everywhere to remain peaceful and law abiding.

In the absence of a father, it is appropriate for sons and daughters to discuss issues of importance to keep the family going. Given this, the TCO wishes to draw your attention and advise as follows;

• Apply wisdom with your harvest, especially with the current hardship experienced in Nigeria; please avoid selling your farm produce except it is extremely necessary – save food for the rainy days ahead – Nigeria is not out of the woods yet.
• Get yourselves involved in self-sustaining activities and handwork, especially the youths.
• Pray for Tangale land, Gombe state, and Nigeria for God’s intervention in running the affairs of the state and the country.

We call on the National leadership of TCDA and branches across Nigeria, as well as the Kwagam Tangle Socio-Cultural Association (KTSCA), to continue to stay alert, and active, and support the people at home where necessary.

TCO shall continue to communicate with you, especially that, as a people, Tangale has no father.

We wish you a blessed 2024, a year full of hope and encouraging promises.

Remain blessed.

Yambu wokku Tangle!
Yambu wokku yel Gombe!
Yambu wokku yel Nigeria!


Lamela Umaru Lakorok
General Secretary, TCO
January 1st, 2024,

Andale Tadi
Chairman, Drafting Committee
January 1st, 2024

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