Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Stop Dragging INEC Into Intra Party Affairs – Group …Suggests Amendment Of Electoral Law

A Pro-Democracy group, “Kwara Must Change” says involving INEC in intra party affairs is overstretching the electoral umpire, especially the resultant litigations. This is just as the Group suggests the amendment of the electoral law to stop INEC’s role in pre- election party  matters

In a statement, the Convener of the group, Abdulrazak Hamzat noted with concern, several pre-election litigations arising from intra and inter party conflicts where they join INEC, which he said, could either distract or weigh down its focus on the general elections.

“INEC had explained that the commission was confronted with over 1000 pre election litigations ahead of 2023 elections and this had significant effect on their planning and administrative processes, which ultimately affect the outcome of the election”

The unnecessary dragging of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) into pre-election litigation issues, Hamzat observed, has continued to hinder the commission from paying attention to other important issues of election management and planning.

“Kwara Must Change holds the view that, political parties and their members should stop dragging INEC into intra party affairs, especially intra party affairs that ended up in court.
“Dragging INEC into so many unnecessary intra party litigations affect general improvement of our electoral processes, as the commission struggles with meeting its legal, financial and administrative obligations”. He said.

He explained that the outcome of 2023 general elections and pre-election litigations, either within the same party, or across party line, even up to the supreme court, were prosecuted at huge cost.

While stressing the need for all and sundry to help the electoral body in its quest to improve the country’s electoral system, the Group restated that dragging INEC into internal party affairs is over stretching the commission beyond its limit, which ultimately affects the general conduct of elections.

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