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“My Governor My Governor Mallam Uba Sani:” Frequent Trips, Insecurity And Development Challenges, By Bako Abdul Usman

Development outcomes in Kaduna State are disturbing and require a state of emergency marshaled by a leader who should be on the ground. No doubt, the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Uba Sani, has hit the ground running in hunting for investors in critical sectors of the State. However, the Governor’s frequent trips out of the state are becoming worrisome in the face of rising insecurity and development challenges.

While the Governor is currently out of the State, there have been security challenges with repeated attacks and kidnappings in Lere LGA (among others). Likewise, the recent accidental bombing in Igabi LGA happened in the absence of the Governor. A state like Kaduna with a volatile security environment should not be governed by proxy. Especially since no investor will want to make meaningful investments in an insecure environment. As even in such an environment there will always be the tendency for capital flight with time.

Rumor is widely spreading that the State is currently on auto-pilot, with many saying that the Governor spends more time outside the State. The cost of these trips at a time when the State is in a tight financial corner is also a burning topic of public dissatisfaction. One will only wonder about the huge cost of the frequent trips by the Governor, some Commissioners, and Council Chairmen to the State coffers.

For instance, the State has delegates who recently attended COP28 which happened in Dubai. What is the cost-benefit of such a trip to the State, at a time when budget releases in key areas in the health and education sectors are disappointingly low? Many believe that the cost for a single delegate can sink at least two boreholes, provide consumables for hospitals, and upgrade a school laboratory.

My Governor, I know you mean well for Kaduna State, as a patriot and former pro-democracy civil society activist. Now that you are in the driving seat, you need to go beyond hitting the ground running to being on the ground. My Governor My Governor, we had commended you for slashing your emoluments in the early days of your administration, however, the current frequency of trips is fast becoming a thing of worry.

My Governor, if you were not in Government, I am sure the activist in you will also raise these concerns. We know you are a champion of social justice and egalitarian society, so we expect that you take austere measures in cutting down the cost of governance by limiting the trips. We will be happy to have you consistently in the State to administer and respond in person to emergencies.

The recent bombing in Igabi LGA and number of casualties demands that you immediately return to the State. This will demonstrate empathy and responsibility. Likewise, the 2024 budget finalization requires your full presence and attention as it is your first financial plan for the State, and expectations are high. Be assured of the support of your fellow comrade in the struggle for a better Kaduna State and Nigeria, this includes holding you to account.

Abdul, a civil rights activist writes from Kaduna, Nigeria

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