Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Kaduna Peace Commission Praises Network Of Peace Journalists For Unwavering Commitment to Unity

The Chairman, Kaduna Peace Commission, Bishop Idowu Fearon, has expressed heartfelt appreciation for the commendable efforts of the Network of Peace Journalists Kaduna (NPJ) in promoting peace and unity within the state.

At an interactive session in Kaduna, Bishop Fearon urged journalists to intensify their focus on reporting stories that contribute to peace-building while exposing misinformation propagated by fake and politically-driven religious leaders.

During the media interface, Bishop Fearon highlighted the crucial role of journalists in uncovering instances where religious sentiments are exploited for personal gain.

He emphasized the need for vigilance in identifying and publicizing instances where certain religious leaders sow division to incite crises.

Bishop Fearon observed with delight that the network of peace journalists in the state serves as valuable partners in fostering peace and unity and called for a collaborative effort to enhance peace not only within Kaduna State but throughout the entire country, given the myriad challenges faced, such as banditry, kidnapping, ethnic and religious conflicts, and the proliferation of fake news.

Acknowledging the pressing issues affecting peace and stability, Bishop Fearon urged journalists to engage in fact-finding and investigative journalism to counter the spread of misinformation, particularly in a climate where fake news can exacerbate tensions.

The Chairman assured that the Kaduna Peace Commission is committed to fulfilling its mandate of preventing tension, promoting understanding, and facilitating peaceful coexistence despite differences. He emphasized the importance of responsible journalism and cautioned against reporting unverified information that could potentially lead to crises.

Bishop Fearon lauded the journalists for their efforts in reducing tension whenever necessary and reiterated the Commission’s commitment to improving its work through collaboration with journalists and stakeholders across the state.

In response, the team leader of the Network of Peace Journalists Kaduna (NPJK), Ibrahima Yakubu, highlighted the team’s initiatives, including an early warning system for reporting and adherence to the “DO NOT HAM” principle.

He praised Kaduna State journalists for their professionalism and excellence in investigative journalism, asserting that other states are now learning from their exemplary practices.

Ibrahima Yakubu also called on the Kaduna State Peace Commission to establish initiatives to honor peace ambassadors within the state.

Recognizing and honoring these individuals, he argued, would inspire greater commitment to promoting peace and unity, not only within the state but across the nation.

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