Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Nigeria’s Democracy Tragicomedy Of A Farce Kogi- Imo – Bayelsa – ???

By Okutepa SAN

Nigeria as a nation has become something else. Morally depraved conducts are rewarded as official state policy. Democracy has been murdered in Nigeria by Nigerian politicians and Nigerian public institutions that have duties to protect and defend democracy.

There is also no hope in getting justice in courts in most cases as it appears the courts too have put democracy in danger by the principles of law they propounded in electoral jurisprudence.

Just look at what had happened and are going on in Kogi, Imo and Bayelsa states off-cycle elections. Allegations and counter allegations of corruption flying around.

In kogi state INEC announced that election shall be held in polling units where results of elections were out before elections were held, and fixed Saturday 18th November 2023 to do so, yet the same INEC announced a winner over night and yet people are celebrating this as democracy. Look at the IRev portal in Kogi State especially Kogi central and you can see over voting that INEC can see. What kind country is Nigeria.

Why are we wasting resources doing elections when INEC and politicians have decided not to follow democratic processes of free, fair and credible elections. Nigerian democracy is doomed.

It is immoral to be moral in Nigeria. Those who do evils get parted on the back and promoted to lead in leadership positions in Nigeria. Nigerian democracy is doomed because when you get to courts, the courts too have developed the shock absorbers to ignore these monumental irregularities on the altar of legal technicalities of sui generic and the evil doers will lord over us as your excellencies.

What a country. What a nation. What a mockery of democracy. Here in Nigerian brand of democracy those who rigged elections are being rewarded by INEC with certificates of return and they will come out thanking God for their evil and wicked behavior.

Everyone knows that all is not well with our democracy in Nigeria. Nigerian democracy is worst than military dictatorship. Yes it is. In a saner clime, those superintending the activities of INEC should by now have resigned or be in jail. But not here in Nigeria.

Those in charge of our affairs preferred money to welfare and wellbeing of the people of Nigeria. University professors and dons are parts of these rotten system. They can impose satan on Nigerians so long as satan paid them.

What a morally depraved nation with morally corrupt public institutions. Every institution has become corrupt or has been corrupted by those who should have led alright. It will not be well with those who are laying foundation for destruction of Nigerian people and democracy in Nigeria. It will not be well with those who have duties to do what is right but chose to do the wrong things in the most corrupt manner in the name of money and other pecuniary benefits. It will not be well with those who collect money to do evil against the will of the people. It is not going to be well with their families and their generations. They are cursed generations already. Useless people have populated most of the Nigerian institutions. This is the sad reality of Nigeria.

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