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Harmattan: NGO Provides Dozens of Kaduna IDP Kids With Cold-Weather Clothing

As the Harmattan season approaches, founder of a non-governmental organization, Educational Development, Family, and Community Peace Foundation (EDFCPF), Reverend Margaret John has visited the Maraban-Rido Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Camp in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

The visit was to provide assistance to the children at the camp by offering them cold-weather clothing to protect them against cold-related diseases that could arise from the hash weather.

Warm clothing items distributed include jackets, hand gloves, and headwarmers, while the children were also educated on how to protect themselves from the cold and diseases that could possibly accompany the harsh weather.

Reverend Margaret John expressed
deep concern for the children, saying, “I can’t sleep with both eyes closed when I think about the lives of these kids at the camp. They are like my own children, which is why I saved money to purchase these Harmattan clothes with the support of my family.”

Reverend Margaret John appeals to wealthy individuals, corporate organizations,
governmental bodies, and non-governmental organizations nationwide to contribute toward assisting the impoverished IDP children at various camps across the north.

In response, Eko Smile Support and Empowerment Initiative (ESSEI), an NGO that coordinates education and moral support for the children, under the leadership of Blessing Eko Sunday, called on well-meaning individuals to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Kaduna State. They expressed their gratitude for the humanitarian assistance brought to the camp in Kaduna and emphasized the importance of wealthy Nigerians assisting IDPs with food, clothing, and other humanitarian aid.

They also urged civil society organizations to provide the IDP kids with study materials and other humanitarian necessities.

The Camp Commander, Mr. Sule Adams commended the NGO for the support and urged them not to relent.

He also expressed gratitude to the Network of Peace Journalists for supporting the IDP kids with books, whiteboards, and other study materials.

According to Reports. the camp is currently hosting over 4,800 internally displaced persons, made up of women, children, youth, and the elderly who were forced to flee 15 different communities due to banditry attacks and kidnappings.

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