Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Kogi Guber: Emergence of Hon. Murtala Yakubu Ajaka …a Prophesy of GYB Fulfilled.

By Haruna Yusuf

The candidature of Muri is not an ethnic jingoism; rather, it is the manifestation of the wish and desires of Gov. Yahaya Bello.

On several occasions, in the past both in public and private he told his audience how he will handover to his Siemens twin; HE Edward David Onoja; but behold; we were shocked when he betrayed him and brought in another candidate without recourse to all his previous public pronouncements! Why?!
This is the point that Gov. Yahaya Bello introduced ethnic jingoism into Kogi politics proper, not remembering the so much talked about EBIRA/IGALA/OKUN (EBIGO), not minding the consequences.

We were surprised that the campaigns of Muritala Yakubu is dubbed and maliciously ascribed as ‘ethnic agenda’, meanwhile the same Gov. Yahaya Bello and his Commissioner for Information sing praises of other candidates of same Igala extraction; without branding it. What a double speak!?

If Gov. Bello, had given the ticket to an Okun or his Deputy, there wouldn’t have been problems or confusion; as Igalas believed that, late HE Prince Abubakar Audu would have given the ticket to his deputy if he were to be alive.

So those who are supporting Gov. Bello and his candidate are the one emersed in ethnic jingoism!

As a Statesman, I rather do what is right by standing by the people of Kogi State and help to fulfil a self prophecy of Gov. Bello, making his Deputy to takeover from him; his Deputy is an Igala and Hon Muritala Yakubu, is also an Igala as wished by the out going Governor; than to support ethnic jingoism.

Hon. MURITALA Yakubu is the most popular and capable candidate for the November 11th Governorship election 2023 in Kogi State; and by the Grace of God; he will win handsomely.

Barr. Haruna O.Yusuf is the
National Coordinator, The Salvo Team .

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