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Don’t Take Politics, Leadership As Business Venture – Sule Lamido Warns

Talakawans In Dire Need Of Trustful Political Leaders In Nigeria

By Mohammed Suleiman, Dutse

Former governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido has expressed worry that politics and leadership of today are being considered as a business venture rather than ideology.

This, he explained, has led to losing political value, moral decadence and system failure in the nation’s democratization.

Speaking at a book launch in Dutse, Lamido noted that, the current literacy level in the society and political awerenes, are higher than before, but the problems itching the less privileged in society, the Talakawans, is, whom could they trust and feel their plight.

Lamido who chaired the occasion noted that, “The betrayal of political trust, adopting political shenanigans and ostentatious life style by Northern political leaders were among the major contributory factors to the moral degeneration, social and economic challenges bedevilng the region”

In his comment, the chairman of the occasion Sule Lamido faulted the political inconsistency, dishonest among the politicians as what prostrated Talakawan and made them to lose confidence on the system.

He noted that, the current literacy level in the society and political awerenes are higher than before but the problems itching Talakawan is who to trust and who has since feeling to their plight.

Earlier the Author of the book, Comrade Danjanih highlighted that, most of the present political leaders in the region are children of common man whose the nation’s forefathers paid supreme price for their emancipation , but now turned to be creating more challenges to the region due to their shenanigan’s and ostantetious life style.

While reviewing the Book, Professor Dahiru Abdulkadir of Sule Lamido University Kafin Hausa stated that, the book has captured some of the real situation in Nigerian politics.

He explained that, the book highlighted that, poverty, low literacy,, greedness are among the contributory factors that shield common man from choosing right leaders in North and Nigeria at large.

According to him, the abandoned politics of Ideology and nationalism to politics and leadership as business venture had equally promoted loss of political value, moral decadence and system failure in the Nation.

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