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Rescue Our Sisters And Children In Kidnappers Den, SOKAPU Women Calls On Kaduna Government

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May I use this opportunity to warmly greet the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, His Excellency, Sen. Uba Sani, and his deputy, our dear sister, Dr. Sabuwa Hadiza Balarabe and express our goodwill to them on behalf of the entire women of Southern Kaduna.

After closely observing the policies, words and actions of Gov. Uba Sani since he came to power in May, 2023, we have good reasons to believe that he has come to restore hope, confidence and unity to the state. We also see him working with the federal government in helping to solve the serious challenge on the security of lives and property of citizens of Kaduna state.

It is based on this belief that we are encouraged to use this medium to send him an SoS message on very disturbing security matters, part which he inherited, and to plead for his urgent intervention.

As you may all be aware by now, SOUTHERN KADUNA is made up of the 8 Local Government Areas of Kaduna South Senatorial Zone, plus Lere LGA in Kaduna North Senatorial Zone including Kajuru and Chikun LGAs in Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone.

Out of these 12 LGAs of Southern Kaduna only about three have not suffered violence and crimes from armed groups, especially bandits and armed herdsmen. Thousands have been killed, houses burnt and hundreds have been kidnapped.

Hundreds of our villages have been sacked and some taken over by bandits. Even the immediate past government of the state has been reporting these atrocities to the press every quarter each year.

Our people, especially women and children in their thousands are rendered as IDPs.

It is usually women and children that suffer the most during such displacements.

May I state that it is true that the past government did not show much compassion or interest in assisting us on these evils that have happened to our people. We did not get a good deal at all

Out of the 12 LGAs of Southern Kaduna, Kachia, Kajuru and Chikun are, in our belief, the worst that suffer in the hands of kidnappers. And women and children are their main targets.

Of particular note, we want to bring to the attention of His Excellency, Gov Uba Sani about a terrible development that happened to his citizens on 2nd October, 2023 in Kachuwe, close to Sarkin Pawa in Niger State. After their villages suffered several invasions from bandits in Chikun, they decided to move to a Kachuwe which they thought was safer to start life all over again by farming.

Unfortunately, armed bandits stormed the village on 2nd October, 2021 and killed 13 male adults and a young girl.

Among those killed is a grandfather (1) baba Barda Kariya.

The names of the rest are: (2) Ali Nariya, (3) Zakariya Nariya (4) Markus Nariya, (5) John Nariya and (6) Haruna Nariya

Others are: (7) Iko Ali, (8) Vincent Ali, (9) Amos Zakariya, (10) Habila Zakariya, (11) Smalis Markus, (12) Timothy John (13) Victor Markus and (14) Godiya Markus, the only female killed.

After committing the crime, they looted the village of foodstuffs and animals.

They then burnt down the village.

They spared the lives of the old women and sick old men. Then they took away the following females and boys.

1. Grace Ali 25 yrs
2. Kauna Ali. 22 yrs
3. Murna Ali 18 yrs
4. Tera Ali 3 yrs
5. Rahila Shagari 18yrs
6. Sunday Zakaria 17yrs.
7. Leonard Zakaria 10 yrs
8.Lucy Zakaria 11yrs.
9. Blessing Zakaria 13yrs
10. Charles Haruna 10yrs
11.Tina Amos 27yrs
12. Desire Amos 7yr
13. Success Amos 3
14. Yemi Benjamin 27yrs.

Let me sadly inform you, that Kauna Ali became very sick in the hands of the bandit last year. With no medical care, she died. We got the sad news from one of the kidnapped girls via a phone call from the bandits’ phone. No one knows where corpse is as at today.

It is also important to note that Yemi Benjamin was heavy with her first pregnancy because she was newly married.

After they were kidnapped, the bandits made demands for a ransom.

But they later refused to take the ransom. A month later, after Yemi Benjamin gave birth in the bush. They gave her the phone to call and inform her in-laws that she had a baby girl.

Also note that a 3 and 10-year-old boys were among those that were kidnapped and still with the bandits.

It is now 12 months since it was heard from them. And it is 2 years on the 2nd October 2023 that they have been in the hands of their abductors.

It is a very horrible experience for the relations of these captives to live day and night not knowing the fate of their love ones.

Again, on Saturday 7th October, 2023, in Chikuri village, in Chikun LGA, bandit entered Maikudi farms where villagers were working on portions of the farm that they rented from the owner. Bandits attacked the farm and kidnapped 14 women and a boy. Among the women is 54-year-old Mrs Lydia Dogara and her 20-year-old daughter, Linda Dogara.

Therefore, we can confirm that at least 27 women and girls and 4 boys who are citizens of Kaduna state from Chikun LGA are in the hands of kidnappers, with one already dead.

They are however just some other victims that maybe also be suffering the same fate in the state.

We are therefore passionately calling on Kaduna State government under the able leadership of Sen. Uba Sani to explore the excellent working relationship he enjoys with the Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa and other security chiefs do all it will take to return these women and children home. Or at least furnish us with information about their fate.

Thank you and God bless.

Signed: Mrs Jemutu Katarma

SOKAPU National Women Coordinator,

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