Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

An Open Letter To Atiku Abubakar On U.S. Lawsuit Against Tinubu

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my sentiments regarding the recent legal actions you have taken against Bola Tinubu in an international court. While I am grateful that you are shedding light on the irregularities surrounding his educational background and identity, I must admit that I am torn by conflicting emotions.

On one hand, I commend you for your efforts in exposing what you believe to be the truth about Tinubu’s credentials and potential identity theft. This matter has raised important questions about the integrity of our political system and the individuals who seek to lead our nation. Your actions in pursuing this in an international court, where Tinubu can’t influence judges, are noteworthy.

However, I cannot help but wonder why such actions were not taken earlier, particularly before the elections and the subsequent PEPT. It appears that you may have been complacent, believing that you could win the election without the need to reveal Tinubu’s alleged shortcomings. This leaves me with questions about your motivations and whether there were other factors at play, maybe you were afraid of the skeletons in your own cupboard coming to light.

It is disheartening that in Nigerian politics, truth-telling often seems reserved for moments when personal interests are directly affected. While I appreciate your current efforts, I wish this commitment to transparency and accountability had been evident from the outset. Perhaps, if these actions had been taken earlier, they could have had a more significant impact.

Nonetheless, I recognize that it is better late than never. Your endeavors to bring Tinubu’s alleged misrepresentations to light serve as a valuable step toward understanding the character who forced himself on the Nigerian populace in the just concluded 2023 presidential elections, an event many liken to a civilian coup.

In conclusion, I am grateful for your current actions and for taking a stand against what you perceive as falsehood. While there may be lingering questions about timing, it is my hope that these actions will contribute to a more transparent and accountable political landscape in Nigeria.


Chukwunonso Bryan Ayogu (Karigwe)

P.S. – It is worth noting that this action would have been more impactful if you had taken this step immediately after
@DavidHundeyin broke the news about the certificate forgery.

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