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NGO Sensitizes Younger Generation On SGBV In Nigeria …Carries Campaign To Kaduna Orphanage Home


As part of campaign to impact the younger generation with knowledge of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Nigeria, Center for Media Advocacy for Mother and) Child (CAMAC), on Thursday organized a sensitization meeting for children in Zion in Christ Orphanage Home, Kamazou, Kaduna in Northwest Nigeria.

Zion in Christ, was founded in 2020 by Bilhatu Vou Dung, popularly known as “Mummy Zion”. The orphanage currently has 28 children within the age bracket of 8months and 17years who were mostly orphaned by attacks on different communities in Plateau State.

Addressing the children on how to identify Red flags of SGBV, Program Officer of CAMAC, Christiana Saidu, told them not to ever allow anyone take advantage of because they are special children.

According to her, their body is so special and everything in it must be seen and treated as private, which means nobody is permitted to touch them for whatever reasons.

She said in any case someone touches any part of their body in school or anywhere else, they should immediately report the person to their teachers and also report the person to their mother (mummy zion) when they get home.

She noted that, issue of sexual abuse is no longer about girls alone but that there’s need for both boys and girls to take note of people who would want to play with them by touching any part of their body.

“You have 5 parts of your body that are private and you should never allow anyone to touch them. They are; your mouth, chest, tommy, and under your pant. Your body belong to you and it’s private, don’t share it and don’t ever allow anybody touch it. Those doing it have a way of luring children into it.

“If any adult asked you to come and watch movie in their phone dont go because after watching they will want to teach you what you have watched. Always remember to report such people if you don’t want them to ruin your future.

“We want you to go back to school with this knowledge so that if you see them happen just know that they are trying to violate you or anyone around you, so don’t keep quiet.

“No body should touch your mouth with their mouth, your chest is private and if anybody touches it, report them. The thing under your pant is private no one is allowed to touch or go there at all, cover it very well at all time, no one should see it no matter what. Guide your mind also don’t allow any wrong thoughts to go through it, allow only things that are godly.

“When you report them you don’t only save yourself, you will save a whole lot of children who might be victims of those evil people. Love yourself the way God love you and don’t allow any of your friends to make you believe you would have been better if you are the other sex.” Christiana said.

On his part, Executive Director of CAMAC, Alex Uangbaoje urged the children to focus on their studies and never give attention to anything that will distract them because their mother (mummy zion) is working tirelessly to give them the best education.

He cautioned them to also be mindful of adults in their community who would want to send them to buy things like cigarettes, alcohol and any substances that are harmful, saying “if you agree to help them buy, one day they will teach you how to use them and am sure you are good children and will not want to do that.

“Don’t make friends with anyone who will steal from their parents and share with you, such person is a thief, avoid them.”

Responding on behalf of the children, 17years old Glory Pam, thanks the team for visiting them, noting that the message will help them on how to always keep and care for their body.

“We thank you so much for educating and encouraging us today and we pray that God will bless your work, I promise that the next time you will visit us, we will share our testimonies of how we use our knowledge.” She said.

In her appreciation message, Founder of the Home, said the impact of the sensitization would be felt for a long time because it is the first time any organization would talk about the topic to the children.

According to Mummy Zion, “of a truth, this came timely. And it is with gladness we say thank you. You have blessed the children and the Lord will bless you. The Lord will replenish your energy and crown your efforts. For all the good that you did, you shall receive uncountable blessings.

“The board of directors, staffs and children of Zion In Christ Orphanage send their warmest appreciation to CAMAC for impacting on the lives of our children with rich teaching relating to their sexuality and how to keep their selves from being polluted. Thank you once again. We love you and there is nothing you can do about it. We hope to see you again.”

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