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Kogi Guber: Murtala Yakubu Ajaka Is The Anointed Candidate – Idajili

There is this discerning disposition among believers especially that position is given by God and to whoever He chooses. Bedded in this perspective man labours in vain if he tries to take away from what God has implanted in another. Many have indulged in such but they suffer its consequential futility. Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka is the SDP governorship flag bearer in the November 11 election in the state.

Perhaps he might be the least among the candidates in term of qualification and experience. Some candidates no doubt parade intimidating certificates with advantageous experience of many years standing. Though all these are essential ingredients for the office being contested for, He that gives position does not look at that.
Is it not a truism that when the righteous are on the throne the people rejoice; because as crusaders they are completely detached from the inglorious ruiners, whose trade is to destroy the system.

From his emergence as a consensus governorship candidate from the east of the state on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka seen as the least among the contenders is on God mission to deliver the lgala people who have suffered consequential humiliation and chronic neglect in their toga of liberalism and by extension the state.

First, the lgala are inundated by the insults, humiliation and neglect.They therefore, need someone that would rescue them from these ruins orchestrated by the present APC led regime in the state. Therefore, Alhaji Ajaka is the anointed, bestowed with the wisdom, capacity and capability to deliver the lgala from the tyranny rule of the emperor and by extension the state.
Alhaji Ajaka is a man from a humble background. His calmness is outstandingly unparalleled as could be seen even in the face of provocation. He is the man of the people. He is the man on the rescue mission. He is the crusader being sought for, to reposition the state for effective performance that will ensure its political and socio-economic growth so as to enable it take its pride place among the comity states.

Little or nothing was known about this man hitherto, who has now dynamically created a niche for himself and is about to create and subsequently lubricate the history of the state. As a grassroot and well bred politician who had served at the executive echelon of the ruling part, APC, as Deputy National Publicity Secretary and was also entrusted with the demanding office of the National Chairman of the party where he held brief for the Interim National Chairman of the party who often was engaged in his state as governor.

In his absence Alhaji Murtala Ajaka oversaw the activities of the Secretariat in Abuja. As a man who is susceptible to learning and very fast also he was able to garner much experience under the turtelage of distinguished, well experienced and iconic professional executive members.

This, no doubt contributed and served as the motivation that sharpened, directed in the repositioning of his mindset on how to execute the governorship project which he had nurtured for, for a long time. And so, he is prepared.
It is an indisputable fact that the state under the watch of Gov. Yahaya Bello, has failed. It can only be applauded for its cluelessness in its directional with infrastructural decay. His administration’s insensitivity to the plight of workers and the people of the state would one day enlist him as a “performer” to be decorated by an outstanding award. Compelled by this sordid and repugnant situations, Alhaii Murtala Ajaka is said to be the man with the courage and astuteness to ensure and fast track the needed growth and development in the state. He is indeed the man on the spur. Every where he went, at least those ones we have seen, the crowds were factually organic and not hired crowds and if translated, then victory is sure.

The lgala are looking beyond the number of degrees one possesses, but someone that would deliver them from the received insults, deprivation and neglect.
Their liberalism has been overstressed, not even consideration is given to their concession and their ability to manage the state resources to the benefit of all. The prize is rather too grievous and its consequences are dire. Because of the consequences of their liberalism which has now drawn the lgala to the edge of the cliff, supporting the most popular candidate is not negotiable. Hence, the need for the rekindled and lubricated Ujache philosophy. Ujache movement is the spear of lgala unity, a unifying force, that propels all lgala wherever they are on the surface of the earth to fight for their common identity, peace and development of their land.

Igala needs its own for rapid socio economic development of lgala land as it has suffered infrastructural neglect while the people have been marginalized. The state requires of a man with kaleidoscopic eyes, of an astute, conviction politician with versatile experience that will manage the resources of the state especially now that the entire country is faced with unimaginable hardships resulting from the removal of fuel subsidy.

Therefore, that man who has the management acumen and that could manage effectively and efficiently the state resources, create an enabling ground for rapid growth and sustainable development of the state , is Murtala Ajaka. He is moved by the eight years chaquered history of the state and he is in a hurry to change its narrative. Such a man of good conscience, good judgement and fear of God deserves the peoples’ support and their votes. This is the time to bury differences and queue behind this star from the east. He has come to replace darkness with light in the state. The lgala needs to come out of their ignoramuses and pitch their tent with the man who is paying supreme sacrifice to get the lgala and the state liberated. Think lgala think.
He is the Anointed!

By Hon Ilebaye ldajili, Ochadamu.

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