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Coups d’état Surge After Years of Relative Calm, By Kassim Muhammad Ibrahim

It is indeed disheartening to witness the recurring cycles of coup d’état in some African countries.  From January 1, 2020, through December 2022, there were a dozen coup attempts on the continent.  Of recent, the coup in the Republic of Niger   makes it the sixth military coup in the sub-region since 2020 following earlier coup d’etat in Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea,  Mali and Niger
These events not only undermine the progress made by the continent but also perpetuate a negative perception of Africa as a whole. 
While it is important to acknowledge that internal and external factors contribute to these situations, it is vital to hold accountable those responsible for orchestrating such disruptions.
Masterminding chaos and coup d’état in African countries is a grave betrayal to the citizens who aspire for peace, stability, and development. 
It disrupts democratic processes, leads to human rights violations, hinders economic growth, and often results in the loss of innocent lives. The consequences are far-reaching and affect not only the countries directly involved but also neighboring nations.
Even though the coup in Niger has been widely condemned by the international community. While the regional block gave the coup plotters 15 days to relinquish power However, locally in Niger, the coup has elicited mixed reactions as some, including the army, are in support of the presidential guards responsible for the rebellion and others against it.
To address this issue, African leaders, regional organizations, and the international community have a collective responsibility to condemn and take action against those who perpetrate these acts. 
This includes imposing sanctions, diplomatic pressure, and supporting peacekeeping efforts. African countries must also focus on strengthening democratic institutions, promoting good governance, and fostering meaningful socio-economic development to address the root causes of instability.
Furthermore, civil society organizations, media platforms, and individuals have a crucial role in raising awareness about these issues, advocating for peace, and holding those in power accountable. It is important to shed light on the negative impact of coups and chaos while highlighting successful examples of peaceful transitions and democratic consolidation in Africa.
Ultimately, the resolution of these challenges lies in a collective effort to prioritize peace, stability, and governance on the continent. African countries must work together to safeguard democratic principles, address grievances, and promote inclusive societies. Only by doing so can we break the cycle of chaos, and ensure a better future for all Africans.
Finally, it is indeed a big shame to  Africa’s in the era of technological revolution we are busy fighting each other and plotting coup d’état which cause chaos, instability, and coup d’état in some African countries.
 Ibrahim writes from Abuja 

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