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Former Kaduna State Dictator Nasiru Ahmed El Rufai And The Burden Of Paranoia, By Gora Albehu Dauda

Even after the 8 treacherous years of his governorship throughout which he completely sidelined the people of Southern Kaduna, the former dictator Mal Nasiru Ahmed El Rufai is still not done yet with his relentless assault on our people. Since his expiration as Kaduna State governor not long ago, the Malam is yet to settle himself to doing anything serious. We do understand his frustration for trying and failing to place himself at a vantage position in Tinubu’s administration. His greatest undoing is his talkative tongue. He had said a few things that did not go well with Tinubu as a person. His body language gave him out too early and the Tinubu team could not have failed to take some notes. As far as the former dictator is concerned, there is none like unto Ahmed El Rufai in intellect and craftiness  He met much more than a match in the Tinubu team who ensured that he only hovered above but had no place to land and he will have to take whatever is on offer otherwise he will immediately lapse into political irrelevance.

Recovering from the loss of political power particularly when one was a dictator is not an easy task and so it is with Ahmed Nasiru El Rufai. His model of leadership which he experimented in Kaduna State turned out a major disaster as he maligned and disregarded the Southern Kaduna people in his scheme of business. Not many Southern Kaduna folks spoke about their pariah status in El Rufai’s government which ought to have been the appropriate response but the took everything with equanimity. Even so El Rufai kept jabbing the Southern Kaduna nation who were restricted to their corner of the political boxing ring. It took he political referee (The Constitution) to save Southern Kaduna from further punishment. Looking at the situation from a different angle, the Southern Kaduna people scored an emphatic moral victory against Nasiru Ahmed El Rufai by simply persevering throughout the 8 treacherous years.

As things now stand, the former dictator is simply paranoid. He reminds me of the principal character in the 1605 Spanish novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote de la Mancha as the main character was a Spaniard who seemed to be losing his mind on his quest to become a Knight with the sole purpose of restoring chivalry. Alongside a farmer named Sancho Panza he fought multiple imaginary enemies and faces a series of fantastic challenges. It is not too clear if Mal El Rufai desires to be knighted but it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is questing for something that is for now elusive. Like Don Quixote de la Mancha, El Rufai is paranoid and therefore continues fighting both real and imaginary enemies. The tragedy of El Rufai’s numerous battles is that the Southern Kaduna people are not at war with him. Many of us expected that after El Rufai’s 8 years that he will initiate a VICTORY cry over our people but it is very clear that the battles are still ongong in his demented mind.

El Rufai’s  recent comments on social media now gone viral to the effect that Southern Kaduna elders fought him through the 8 years by opposing the few  political idiots he found worthy of appointing into his government can never stand on 2 legs. That statement limps on crotches and quite a reflection of his level of paranoia. A common aphorism translated from Hausa to English will mean that if he who speaks is an idiot or a fool, those listening will certainly not be fools. It is also the season of a born again El Rufai who months earlier had bereted the group identifying itself as Northern Elders by saying that there are no Northern Elders yet he declared himself as one at 63 years. One fact is obvious which is  that the so-called Northern Elders exclude worthy elders from the Southern Kaduna end of town. By El Rufai’s  own extimation, there are indeed worthy political elders from Southern Kaduna otherwise who was he referencing and blaming for his travails?

Since time informed by the dictates of the 1999 Constitution as Amended compelled El Rufai to exit Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, he has known no peace. His spirit I am sure should still be hovering over Sir Kashim Ibrahim House and Kaduna State by extension and if doing that has an intention, that  is also futile as another tenant is already in there. A verse somewhere in the Christian Holy Book says something which very closely captures El Rufai’s current situation ” the wicked will be running when nobody pursues them “. If any pursuer at all, it is El Rufai’s  own conscience but not the Southern Kaduna people. To blame for the pariah status of the Southern Kaduna people are the Southern Kaduna people for simply recoiling into their cocoons as soon as El Rufai declared war on them. El Ruffy’s  war was one war the Southern Kaduna people needed to have fought with ever thing in their arsenal. In war particularly a political  war it is either you win or you lose. From the humiliation El Rufai inflicted on our part of the State, we ought to have learnt many alesson. I dare to say that the current crop of those masquerading as our political leaders need to urgently step aside to allow the many young men and women that abound in Southern Kaduna to take the future of our people into their hands. Unless they step out, the current political leaders are only self serving and nothing will be achieved in a general sense

I laughed myself to scorn after reading on social media that the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) under the leadership of Lekin Akontola found the former Kaduna State dictator worthy of an award of Defender of the Faithfuls. One wonders what makes El Rufai “ A faithful “ as his character does not portray him as one. One of my political bosses Alhaji Isa Abdullahi Shika reacting to the MURIC award commented thus “ MURIC is so politically blind that they cannot trail ones records and commitment to Islam and Humanity “. It is therefore left to conjecture what exactly qualified EL RUFFY as defender of the faithfuls for whilst not being a Muslim I do have very decent Muslims friends and political bosses who know how to be good Muslims but certainly not the likes of El  Rufai.. To God Be The Glory.

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