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Fed. University Dutse Tasks Matriculated Students To Adhere Strictly To Varsity’s Guidelines- VC


By Mohammed Suleiman, Dutse

The Federal University Dutse has matriculated 3933 students with a charge to adhere strictly to the Matriculation oath. “You must restrain yourselves from such vices like Examination misconduct and malpractice, cultism, drug abuse, fighting, stealing among other vices detrimental to the University community

” I welcome you all and Congratulate you for joining the Federal University Dutse. Also Congratulate your parent’s Guardians and friends and urge them to always contact the University and seek information on your welfare and progress in the University. I urge parent’s and guardians to contact the University and seek information on your welfare and progress of your Ward’s”

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Abdulkarim Sabo Mohammed who made the plea, also urged the students to act in a manner that is consistent with the peace and stability they met in the University.

“We are matriculating our combined two batches of JAMB admitted students to put an end to the rigorous and time consuming admission excercise”

According to the VC, the University has so far succesfully graduated five sets of students with another 2 sets ready to graduate very soon. The alumni are now spread across the country and elsewhere around the world pursuing different carreers or studying for higher degrees.

Professor Abdulkarim Sabo Mohammed emphasized that for the 2021/22, and 2022-23 sessions, a total number of 4810 candidates were given admission out of which 3933 students.

He added that the 2021/22 combine admission was particularly challenging because of the large number of applications received with only a limited quota to admit. Federal University Dutse received a total of 23,951 applications for admissions into various programs with only allowable admission quota of 4493 19 per cent of the total applicants, he stated.

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