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Federal Cabinet: Arewa Group Enlists Support For Sen. Ahmad Abubakar MuAllahyidi Inclusion



A group under the auspices of Arewa Network of Social Reformers, has said
Adamawa State deserves the best of representation and the nation requires quality performance from those who will work to actualize the renewed hope agenda of the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Chairman of the group Engr. Idris Musa, stated this during a press conference held in Kaduna.

Engr. Musa said Adamawa state
like many States in the country, the political calculations to fill the position of the mandatory one Ministerial slot is up.

He added that the group being a Northern Nigeria based socio-cultural organization is working with like-minded Nigerians to enhance the continuing social integration, coexistence and national unity, is of the opinion that quintessential political technocrat that has made a mark in the politics of Adamawa should be considered.

Engr. Musa opined that Senator Ahmad Abubakar MuAllahyidi; a member of the 8th Senate who represented Southern Senatorial zone of Adamawa State is best suited for the ministerial slot

He described MuAllahyidi as a quintessential political technocrat who has made a mark in the politics of the state.

He stressed that the hardworking senator convened and led a forum of politicians, technocrats, academics, development experts, youth and women under the aegis of Arewa New Agenda, (ANA) in the run-up to the Presidential primaries of the APC to provide civil society support to the ceding of the presidential slot to southern Nigeria, which paved way for the emergence of President Tinubu as the candidate of the APC in the 2023 elections.

“He deployed human material resources to lead ANA in the series of the undertakings that contributed immensely to the success at the 2023 polls.

“Under his leadership, ANA mobilized over 126 community-based organizations across the 19 northern states to campaign in the nooks and crannies of northern Nigeria, especially amongst the Fulbe and other minority populations in the hard-to-reach communities to support and vote for President Bola Tinubu.

“The exploits of ANA in defending and projecting the legendary achievements of President Tinubu (Candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu as he then was) was not only vehement and consistent, but was convincingly persuasive as the forum articulated the message in the most subtle and presentable manner acceptable to the Nigerian people,” the chairman added.

The Arewa Network of Social Reformers further added that Senator MuAllahyidi has set a standard of performance that has set a benchmark in the spirit of those words; calling on President Tinubu to search no further when filling the slot for Adamawa State as the distinguish Senator stands heads and shoulders above his peers.

“Senator MuAllahyidi may not be the type to blow his own trumpet or make public declaration of desire to occupy a ministerial position as he is not known to quibble for appointments; but it suffices to say that those who are aware of his suitability need to come forward with this kind of expose to enable the administration make the choice that will contribute to its delivery of the good that the Nigerian people expect and are looking up to.

“Senator Muallahyidi an experienced Quantity Surveyor and Construction Management specialist; served in the 8th Senate as Vice Chairman Committee on Oil & Gas, Vice Chairman Culture and Tourism, member Banking and Other Financial Institutions, member Education (Basic & Secondary) and Member Legislative Compliance.

“Currently he leads the facility Management outfit taking charge of the International Conference Center, the Eagle Square in Abuja; Murtala Muhammed Square in Kaduna, Kaduna International Trade & Investment Centre, (Trade Fair Complex) and Network Housing Estate, Lekki Peninsula Phase, Lagos and Nigerian Army Strategic Bulk Storage Facility in Enugu.

“With Senator MuAllahyidi, in everything he does, quality is the first word. Part of his mantra for excellence, is “No work is insignificant; all labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.

“Senator MuAllahyidi come from a long tradition of collective leadership, consultative decision-making and joint action towards the common good. He has overcome many that many thought insurmountable through an adherence to those practices.

“In the face of the grave threat posed under-development in our clime, this is a man who has led people to rise above their differences and combine their efforts to save communities.

T”his is the man who has relentlessly led a formidable forum to provide support, lead delivery and implementation of livelihood programs for the less privileged in and outside his immediate constituency.” He concluded

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