Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Father’s Day Tribute, By Malate Peter

A lot of men, especially fathers, have died with problems unshared and untold because they are trying to be men. Almost all the family burdens rest on their shoulders.

Everyone skims up to them for shelter and support. Fathers starve to feed their families.
Fathers sacrificed to keep their families safe and happy.

They toil day and night to meet up with the family’s needs. Their surrender good looks for their family’s sake.
Fathers are strong and have pure hearts.
Fathers are generational blessings.
Fathers are pillars.

Fathers are born leaders
Fathers are heroes, warriors and conquerors.
Fathers are providers;
Fathers are lovers;
Fathers are great;

Fathers are logical and free-minded;
Fathers are protectors;
Fathers are support systems;
Fathers are vessels of honour;
Fathers are counsellors and mentors;
Fathers are the embodiment of strength and power and more and more.?

We love, honour, respect, acknowledge, celebrate and appreciate your uniqueness and being. May you eat the fruits of your labours.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men, my daddies, potential fathers and fathers all over the world. May God bless and reward all your efforts.

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