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Gombe Guber Election: Putting Our Votes In One Possible Winning Basket- Tangale Group

...We Need To Consolidate Our Votes




This is not the time for any lengthy writings, but we are forced to put forward our thoughts in the best way possible.
The good people of Gombe State have spoken loudly in the election of 25th February, 2023. For avoidance of doubt we want to reiterate that PDP won 5 of 6 House of Representatives seats and 2 of 3 senatorial seats in Gombe State.

*Let’s look at the issue on ground:*
We have three major contenders for the No. 1 seat in Gombe State. On one hand is the incumbent with only one house of representatives elect on his side, on the other is the PDP candidate with 5 reps and 2 senators elect, one of the two PDP senators elect is a former Gombe State Governor. Then comes the candidate of the NNPP who does not have any winner in the last election.

Whenever we are talking about strength of candidates, it is important to have a critical look at who are those canvassing for votes for each one of them?
It is important to remind you that no National Assembly member can boast of carrying the weight of all his constituents, so by implications, the winners in the last election will all work acidiously to ensure that they deliver the governorship candidate in their party, if not for anything, for their own political survival.

The APC candidate, is groping in the dark to catch and hold on to whatever is left of his camp that is further withering away. We have for long dissociated ourselves from him because he openly showed hatred to our people, denied us our elected Mai Tangle and refused Justice Beatrice the opportunity to be the CJ of Gombe State. In addition to that, he is still holding captive, our men and a woman in the name of a crisis they know nothing about.

The NNPP candidate has found a fortitude in Billiri local government (our home), a candidate who never campaigned for any other seat except his own. Not even his House of Assembly candidates. Capturing Billiri is strategic for NNPP whom we suspect is working for the APC. The target is to divide our votes, even if PDP wins the state election, we have lost our bargaining strength because of the percentage of votes that will eventually go to the winner. This is why we need to consolidate our votes, to be able to ask for what we desire from the government that will emerge after 11th March.

The PDP candidate may have his weaknesses in terms of human relationship and the fact that he’s introducing a new style of politics that people are not used to; “anti-psycophancy”. We have gathered that he is better exposed, better educated, more liberal and in an advantaged political party based on what is on ground at the moment. He has the financial wherewithal, he’s in a party that won Gombe State in the last election, he has Gombe North in the bag and majority of Gombe South votes.

Therefore, we call on all the elites of Gombe State, both home and in diaspora to reach out to their wards and beneficiaries, if we truly want to change the incumbent, we have to collapse our support to the PDP not because PDP is better than all the political parties or has the best candidates, but because PDP stands a better chance to oust this administration. This old saying has never been more applicable than now; *UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.*

TIM has understudied the political happenings in Gombe State at the moment, and have sat down at an extraordinary emergency meeting, using credible intelligence and unabated wisdom to settle for the candidate of the PDP. You all know that we have been at the forefront of the Tangale struggle and we shall continue to be. We call on all well meaning Tangale people to come out en masse on the 11th of March to vote for MJ Barde for governor of Gombe State. *We SHALL fair better under him than the incumbent.*

©️Tangale Intelligentsia Movement (TIM)
Signed by
Barr. Mela Maimuruchi
Pub. Sec

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