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Naira Redesign: Governor El-Rufai And His Deceitful Court Order, By Zubairu Abdura’uf

Without mincing words, one will be correct to say that the Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai’s recent outburst on different media platforms on the naira scarcity is not in the favor of the masses because he has disobeyed many court rulings.

El-Rufai is one person who has uncountable court cases and has no respect for court orders. He is known for disobeying court orders from his time of being FCT Minister and worse, a state Governor, hence, his call for the federal government and other agencies to obey court orders does not add up.

What is more disturbing is his sudden acclaimed sympathy for Kaduna residents. El-Rufai is known for his anti people’s policy and decisions that has cost many people their lives and means of livelihood.

Why is the Governor pretending to be feeling the pains of the masses over the new naira redesign policy and fuel scarcity? Why should he be crying more than the bereaved? These are questions all Kaduna residents should be asking El-Rufai.

Just yesterday, in a state broadcast, he referred to President Buhari as being disobedient, who disregards the law. He even had the effrontery to go against the Presidency by declaring the 500 and 1000 naira old notes as legal tender in Kaduna state.

It is now clear that Governor El-Rufai has a hidden skeleton, if not, why the sudden outburst? Is it because he wants to remain relevant in the political space? Or is it because he doesn’t want his self imposed gubernatorial candidate, Senator Uba Sani and his Son, Bello El-Rufai to loose the election? After all, he mentioned in his broadcast that the CBN policy was aimed at inciting citizens against APC candidates across the board, resulting in massive losses for the party in all the elections.

The Governor should have realized by now that Kaduna residents are wiser and already know the cards his playing.

The questions residents should be asking Governor Nasiru El-Rufai are:

a, Where was El-Rufai’s voice when residents were abducted and killed by bandits.

b, Why didn’t he join the federal government in the suit against ASUU on the need for students to return to school.

c, Has El-Rufai forgotten so soon how he locked down residents at home for three months not minding the difficulties they experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

d, Has he forgotten the pains people experienced when he sacked civil servants, demolished houses and markets without compensation

El-Rufai should bear in mind that, Kaduna residents are smarter than he thinks, they have not forgotten how badly he treated them and how disrespectful he has been to their calls and pains which he personally inflicted.

So they will not buy into his so called sympathy for the Talakawas. They are wiser and aware of his hidden agenda. People are watching and will do the needful at the polls next week.

Zubairu Abdura’uf writes from Kaduna

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