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Two Weeks Enough To End Insecurity In Nigeria, Says Ahmed Saleh

...International Conspiracy Also Fueling The Lingering Insecurity In The Country.


Counter terrorism and security Expert, Ahmed Saleh Jnr., has said that with a political will, the nation’s security challenges can be put to an end within two weeks.

Saleh asserted this in Kaduna at the weekend during an investiture of the 16th Branch Chairman of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, where he also noted that international conspiracy is also a factor fueling the lingering insecurity in the country.

He however, said that the nation is blessed with abundant resources that if properly channeled would solved the insecurity challenges confronting the nation within a period of fortnight.

Saleh who is also a Forensic Scientist and Public Security Analyst said: ” With the amount of intelligence we have, and resources at our disposal; both in intelligence and the uniform security services, I can assure you that if there is a political will to solve the problem of insecurity bedeveling this country, two weeks is too much to end insecurity in the country.

” Sincerely, we have men and women from these security services that are patriotic and ready to lay down their lives in service of their father’s land, just to ensure that their follow citizens can sleep with their two eyes closed confidently and conviniently.”

While speaking, he further explained that conspiracy of silence and political conspiracy are also key players in fueling the insecurity in the country, adding that these conspiracies are aimed at making the country ungovernable.

He therefore urged the government to strenghten intelligence agencies in the country on their mandates of foreign and counter intelligence operations.

According to him, the Intelligence Agency is an equivalent of CIA in Nigeria, which he opined that the agency and other sister agencies should be properly utilised, especially in the area of intelligence gathering.

The Public Security Analyst also advised that the traditional rulers should be giving a constitutional role in the area of intelligence gathering.

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