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The Desperation Of Atiku And The Consequences To The North, By Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba

It is so pathetic and hypocritical that the Atiku Abubakar that had consistently said the presidency was the turn of the north since 2014, has not bought his way to jettison the PDP zoning he had insisted must be followed when it was in favour of the north. And he as a northerner, Fulani and a Muslim is now desperately canvassing and plotting the possibility of taking over from another northerner Fulani who is also a Muslim man, without caring about the consequences to the north.

However, despite the fact that it’s obvious Atiku knows the consequences, but chose to ignore it due to his inordinate ambition; it’s important to clearly state that:

After eight (8) disastrous years of a northerner, Fulani who is also Muslim man; for another northerner Fulani and Muslim man to take over immediately will definitely result in the following:

1. A confirmation that the north assume they are the “born-to-rule” and other tribes are mere slaves or glorified second class citizens.

2. A total breakdown in anything that has to do with political alliance between the north and the south, which will clearly manifest in future elections.

3. Total collapse of trust between the north and the south, since it would have been so clear that despite the north holding to power more than the south during the military era, they have decided to play on the intelligence of the south during the democratic administration, using rotation as a tool when it favours them and jettisoning it when the rotation now favours the south.

4. Complete collapse of the rotational system resulting in avoidable unhealthy rivalry even in all major political parties in Nigeria.

5. The serious challenge that will bring about selfless and unbreakable alliance between the South East, South South and South West that will eventually results in the south also retaining power for minimum of sixteen (16) uninterrupted years or even more.

6. In summary it is obvious that Atiku Abubakar actually does not care about the political future and image of the northerners and has decided to sacrifice them on the altar of his desperation to achieve his inordinate ambition at all costs.

Just as a reminder, it was Atiku Abubakar who, when he insisted it was the turn of the north, quoted John F. Kennedy that, “those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent change inevitable.”

And in 2014 when former president Goodluck Jonathan was about to complete six years as a president and was seeking for one more term that he was constitutionally entitled to, Atiku Abubakar insisted it was the turn of the north. And he (Atiku) did all in his power to frustrate him (Jonathan) as he led five governors to storm out of Eagle Square. He then sponsored them to form New PDP (NPDP) before they moved to All Progressive Congress (APC) to support Muhammadu Buhari, a northerner to emerge as president in fulfilment of the turn of the north.

Again in 2109, Atiku insisted it was the still the turn of the north that the north is entitled to eight (8) uninterrupted years as president. Hence he offered himself to contest under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to serve the term of the north according to the constitution of PDP on power rotation. In agreement with the gentleman principle of power rotation between the north and the south, we massively supported Atiku Abubakar in 2019 to complete the tenure of the north. But his fellow Fulani man defeated him and continue to complete the eight (8) years for northerners.

Despite that it was the same Atiku Abubakar that was screaming that it was the turn of the north and the north had consistently occupied Aso Rock it in the last two administration; the same Atiku Abubakar has in 2022 used his dollar power to conner the leadership of PDP and bought over the delegates of PDP to still take PDP presidential ticket when it’s now the turn of the south.

The questions to ask Atiku Abubakar and all of the people promoting him are:

1. After eight (8) disastrous years of a northerner, Fulani man and a Muslim, are they assuming that the northerners remain the so called “born to rule”?

2. Are they insinuating that the Southerners are totally subdued slaves, especially the South East people that have not ruled Nigeria since the first Republic?

3. Do they want people to believe that there is no Southerner that is good enough to also be the president of Nigeria at this time?

4. If by mistake Atiku Abubakar, a Northerner, Fulani and a Muslim becomes the next president after eight (8) years of a northerner, Fulani and a Muslim; can there ever be political alliance between the north and south again; since the northerners would have succeeded in confirming the notion that they believe they are the “born-to-rule” while others are second class citizens?

In conclusion, it is now the turn of the south and precisely the South East that has not produced any president since the first republic. And the South East has credible candidate, a man of integrity who has vast understanding of the myriad of problems befalling Nigeria and how to tackle them towards the birth of a new nation.

Come onboard and let’s rescue our beloved country together through ballot revolution on Saturday 25th February, 2023. We can do it.



Rev Emmanuel Olorunmagba,
Candidate for House of Representatives,
Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency
Of Kogi State.

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