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You Haven’t Delivered Your Promise As Insurgents Spread Across Nigeria – MBF Tells Buhari

....You Helplessly Watched While Insurgents Spread From Northeast To Other Parts Of Nigeria




Contrary to chest-beating claims by President Muhammadu Buhari to have fulfilled his promise to defeat Boko Haram, the Middle Belt Forum (MBF) has disagreed, saying the President has failed “woefully” to completely defeat the insurgents.

President Muhammadu Buhari had maintained that his Administration has cleared out Boko Haram terrorists causing unrest in the country’s Northeastern part.

President Buhari’s stance was re-echoed at the banquet organized in his honour in Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, on Monday night.

Reacting to the Buhari’s comments, the National President of MBF, Dr Bitrus Pogu, said President Buhari has failed woefully to deliver his promise to completely eliminate Boko Haram from the country.
He asserted that the President, rather than fulfilling his promise to Nigerians, watched helplessly while the insurgents spread from the North East to all parts of the country.
He said, “Just two days to Christmas, Boko Haram attacked Chibok and killed two people, an elderly person and a toddler. They also abducted some people who were preparing for Christmas. What that tells you is that Boko Haram activities are still on. Their operational headquarters are still there. Many of the things Boko Haram are doing in the North are even not reported.

“There are extensions of Boko Haram in the North West and in the North Central. They have been attacking parts of Kaduna state right to even the end of last year. So then what does his fulfilling his promise mean? Is it saying that they have stopped one aspect of their activities which is bombing targets across the country; and now they have introduced kidnappings and attacking people and communities? Is that what it means?
“It is for Nigerians to judge whether the President has done what he promised in 2015. At that time he told us that it would be history, that he would eliminate Boko Haram.
“First of all we were deceived, a flag was brought to him, ground zero whatever, we knew it was not true and the attacks continued. And then it spread to the North West, parts of the North Central and now it is all over the place including South West, South East and even South South.

“So Nigerians who are the ones who feel the brunt would answer him appropriately that Mr. President you failed woefully and have not fulfilled the promise you made to make Boko Haram history in Nigeria. And we need greater political will to ensure that the military go after them to decimate them and not to wait in a location to repel Boko Haram, or bandits as they have renamed them in the North West and other places.
“So we need a leader who will uproot them and give Nigeria’s space back to Nigerians so that you can travel to any part of the country without fear.
“Even the Maiduguri- Danbua road which has just been reopened in December, an escort has to carry commuters on the stretch which is a distance of 90 kilometres and sometimes the trip takes four hours because they stop at intervals to send surveillance while soldiers fire shots into the forests and bushes to ensure the safety of the commenters before they move ahead.
“So what has he achieved? Leah is still in Boko Haram custody, same for some of the Chibok girls. Has he resolved that? So lots of things and questions are begging for answers from Mr.president.
Security is one of the constitutionally primary responsibility of the Federal Government.

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