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President Hichilema Commissions Gigantic Water Supply Project For Lusaka

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By Mulenga Banda, Lusaka

President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia has commissioned the Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project which is aimed at improving the provision of clean water for Lusaka residents.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hichilema was of the opinion that while the water is important for the people in Lusaka urban, they feel the Kafue residents who are host to the water reservoir and installation should equally benefit by having clean water in their households.

The commissioned water project

“We urged the water utility companies across the country to find more innovative ways of efficiently and effectively using this water. For example, once water has been used in our households, we should find ways to harness it again for other uses such as agriculture purposes.

“We expressed our appreciation to President Xi Jinping and the People’s Republic of China for this US$150 million (K2.4 billion) water plant which symbolises their sincerity in pursuit of the greater good and our shared interest to improving the quality and standard of life for all our people.

“As the Global Cholera control Champion, we take seriously the levels of water and sanitation resources that can impact our socio – economic agenda as this poses a threat and enables the outbreak of waterborne diseases such as cholera and dysentery which disrupts our collective productivity”.


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