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Play Guys In Romantic Relationship (Part2) -By Malate Peter

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Welcome to the continuation of play guys.

As a woman you will know deep within who loves you genuinely. But, never make hasty conclusions on such matters given the ambiguity of and unpredictablity of its wind.


Clip this at the back of your mind.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Every man that comes your way must not love you or toast you. And you must not marry anyone/anyhow just for the sake of marriage. You can’t marry everybody. At least you know for the bunch of men existing, you’re expected to end with only one or some few as fate may plead.

* Some are in for a flawless friendship that will lead to marriage. Intentional Friends!
* Some guys are there for the sake of being there. No string attached. Accidental Friends!
* Some want to feel how it is to toss with your head. It gives them joy. Players!
* Some are in for some favors.
* Some are in for sex and fun.
* Some just want to calm their frustrations from life and their relationships. They just need a friend in you; nothing more, nothing less!

Be watchful and stop falling for undeserved people.


As a single woman you’re suppose to do the following when wrapped in an undefined relationship. Especially with play guys.

You must Develop the following to handle such:

*DISCERNMENT: Observe carefully who intrudes your PERSONAL SPACE and the INTERNAL INTENTS of their EMERGENCE in to your LIFE. Be open minded even as you discern your company. Some might be extremely spiritual without but within are carnal folks and some could just appear irresponsible outward but within are good men. Don’t judge a book from it’s cover and never select company on physical submissions.

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*DISCIPLINE: Avoid desperation. Get a life. Know your worth and act on it. Be strong to know when to let go. Think and act rationally. Tell yourself the bitter truth, then act on it.

*DEFINITION: Look! This is your life. You have the charge over who comes in and goes out. Always define relationship before committing yourself. Expect anything from anyone. And feed not your expectations with false anticipation.

WAIT till they TALK. Stop building castle in your head; some guys just want to be nice and gentlemen, nothing more. So, if he hasn’t PROPOSE, don’t PURPOSE. If he hasn’t TALK don’t WALK. Mind you; you can always drag him if it seems he obviously don’t want to speak but waste your time.

*DILIGENCE: Don’t use prayers to replace common sense and right thinking.Β  Be focus and engage in something productive. Give play guys no time to waste. Your heart is not a stadium for accommodating any ‘Dick and Harry’. So, diligently guard it against ‘shirt crusaders’ aka play gang.

Stop depending on men for relevance, happiness, and well being. Your sufficiency is in God not in men. Be committed to Him more.

You can’t fix a man, you can’t change him either. Don’t deceive yourself. Don’t stay around play guys. Pursue your purpose and fulfill your destiny.

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