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Zambia To Send Supplementary Budget To Parliament For Approval


Mulenga Banda: Lusaka

President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia hasI instructed the Minister of Finance, Dr Musokotwane to request parliament to approve a supplementary budget of about K22 billion arising from financial prudence.

This, he explained, makes 2022 budget circa K195bn as opposed to K123bn in the previous year.

Hichilema stated that the extra generated revenue will be used to increase funding towards fertiliser support programme, dismantle arrears for suppliers and contractors, payment of retirees and more road construction.

He said the resources have been allocated to benefit citizens and generate more revenue as opposed to lavish lifestyles in private jets, VXs, and outright looting.

“We said Zambia had resources, what was missing was prudent management of resources. We therefore hope your MPs will support the supplementary budget.

“It’s NOT nkongole, it’s surplus, elyashi” the President concludes..


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