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Underage Sex Scandal: Six Tips For Raising Kids Effectively In A Digital Age

To raise responsible children in the digital age, parents need to learn how to safely navigate this ‘intelligent’ new world and must be willing to set firm boundaries.

Parenting skills in this digital age is an important task to face no matter what age your kids are. If you’re a mum or dad currently engaged in parenting children 18 or younger, you are dealing with something no previous generation of parents has dealt with on this level.

A wide array of technology and social media platforms ready and waiting for playtime with your kids. Developing parenting skills for the digital age will help you positively parent your kids as they navigate the world of technology.

As important as technology is for everyone to learn about and use, you as a parent are still more important than the electronic devices in your kids’ lives.

Underage Sex Scandal: 10 Tips For Raising Kids Effectively In A Digital Age

Here are some tips for parents;

1. Discipline is compulsory

Train your children on what is right or wrong and discipline them when they do wrong. Discipline is not a one-time thing because children can be stubborn and would like to test you on whether you really mean it.

Consistently show them that you won’t condone bad behaviour and follow up with explanations on why you are punishing them.

Flogging isn’t the only way to discipline kids. Withdrawing privileges like TV time, not allowing them to go out and giving them a lot of chores can be used as disciplinary measures.

Don’t be a hypocrite either. Children are great mimics. If you exhibit bad behaviours and you are attempting to correct your child on the same thing, it wouldn’t work.

2. Sex education must come from the parent

Before they hear about sex from the television, the internet, their friends, or neighbours, you should be the first to talk to them about sex and not in a casual off-handed way or a lie like “you get pregnant if a man touches you”.

Even though teenage hood is a time of experimentation and sexual urges, you need to talk about the importance of love and commitment before sex, the essence of marriage, understanding their bodies, the importance of discipline, honouring their bodies, not giving in to sexual urges and staying away from precarious situations.

3. Be friends with your children

Have time for your kids. Spend time with them, play with them, talk to them about everything, and take them out to restaurants and fun places. Even though they should respect you as a parent, they should also love you as a friend.

If your child has a crush, if they are worried or sad, they should be free to talk you about it.

4. Who you have around your child is very important

Nannies, friends, neighbours, relatives, lesson teachers and schoolteachers have consistently physically and sexually assaulted children. You should not leave your children in the care of such people for an extended period. The things they teach children are irreversible.

Also, teach your children to tell you if anyone tries to touch them inappropriately.

5. No phones until after secondary school and television time should be supervised

I remember when I was growing up, teenagers had to use their parents’ phones to send text messages. At the end of the text, they’ll type ‘Don’t reply, it is my father’s phone.’

A 10-year-old should under no circumstance have a phone with access to different social networks and if they need the internet for homework, they should be supervised. The internet has so many dangerous materials even worse than television.

In olden days, you had to go and buy a pornographic CD. Nowadays, you don’t have to stray too far to see free porn online or have a conversation with strangers who will tell your kids to send nude pictures and do things to themselves.

Replace screen time with books, learning skills like coding, sports music and dance and other productive activities.

6. Be willing to let your kids teach you about their digital lives

It can be difficult for many parents to admit to their kids that the kids know more than their parents do. Regarding their use of technology, however, the kids do have more knowledge and experience. While you know all about your devices and the apps you use as well as what you do on social media, what your kids know and are doing is probably very different.

Let them teach you, and you’ll be using another set of parenting skills: You’ll be teaching them self-confidence, communication skills, and as you talk to them as you learn, they’ll develop skills to make discerning choices online.

Finally, do your best to protect your children, talk to them about values and morals. Teach them about contentment and hopefully when they grow up, they won’t depart from your lessons.

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