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Nigerians State Reasons For Not Embarking On Vacation

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Some Nigerians on Saturday revealed reasons they do not go on vacation either locally or internationally.

They spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

In spite of the therapeutic effect of embarking on vacations frequently, they complained about the high cost of imbibing such a lifestyle, describing it as luxury.

They listed the cumbersome process of acquiring a visa, aircraft phobia and more as reasons they do not go on vacation.

Funmilayo Olowoyo, a staff of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), said she wished to go on vacation from time to time, being conscious of the health benefits but lacking the financial strength to do that.

Ms Olowoyo, who harped on the therapeutic effect of embarking on vacations, said finances had been a huge challenge for her.

She said that she would love to visit some of her choice destinations in Akwa Ibom, like Ibeno Beach, Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Amalgamation House, Ibibio and Oron Museums.

According to her, her New Year resolution in 2022 was to ensure she goes on vacation to at least one of her choice destinations.

“I will save towards it because it is my new year resolution to ensure I go on vacation at least once this year. Vacation should be a part of our life because we also learn while doing that. At least, I will leave the home environment.

“Aside from the health benefits of changing one’s environment, I also love to catch my fun but the huge finance involved in going on vacation is what puts me off most times but this year I will achieve that regardless of the cost,” she said.

Tosin Are-Dave, a businesswoman. said she loved to go on vacation and that the last time she did was in 2018 but due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, she had not been able to travel again.
Mrs Are-Dave said visa procurement had been a turnoff for her as the processes involved appeared too cumbersome and stressful.

“And at the end of the day some people will be denied visas to their favourite holiday destinations,” she said.

She said this was a huge problem which the Nigerian government needed to wade into.

She said she was currently awaiting her visa appointment to embark on another vacation with her children this year.

“I enjoy going on vacation with my family at least once in two years but in my opinion, the reason most people don’t go on vacation is due to finance. It is very expensive, think of the air ticket, accommodation, shopping and more.

“Another reason is visa procurement, a lot of people are being denied visas to their favourite holiday destination, so because of that, many people cancel their vacation,” she said.

Bright Prince, a scriptwriter who had visited Ajata in Abuja, said vacation was quite important for everyone as it had a way of relaxing one’s mental health.

“Vacations are necessary for individuals, at least to make you enjoy the other part of the earth, see more things and be happy.”

Another businesswoman, Omowunmi Sam-Ogbe, said, “I love to travel to see new places and enjoy myself with my family but considering the expenses, I get discouraged.

“After spending so much on vacation, one will only come back to start all over again, in terms of trying to recover financially, this discourages me a lot.”

Also, Abdullateef Ige, an engineer, said due to the phobia he had for aircraft after takeoff, he does not consider going on vacation to destinations that are far away.

Mr Ige said even though he had not been financially buoyant to constantly go on vacation, he looked forward to doing that soon.


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