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Open Letter To The Senate President, By Ali Tijjani Hassan

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this piece to you on behalf of your fellow citizens-cum-statesmen. It was awe and prideful to us, by having one of ours on the third highest echelon of the country.

It’s a well known culture of Nigeria’s politics to allocate a political office based on region, due to geopolitical and zoning classification. when it comes to our turn, Northeast, Yobe state bridges the gap by producing a productive citizen to takeover the seat (as assumed), despite the tarnishes on your picture with revealed to; power-hounding, rubber stamping and political clown(ness), we madly goes blind and dumb in supporting you, thought that if opportunity is given to you, you will serve the interest and mandate of the whole state. But we the unfolding of things, you metamorphosed to state representing senator. And Unfortunately, our dream is proved wrong by the man we puts ourbelieved in.

Yes! We knows that; your primary assignments as an elected lawmaker is the priority of your constituency. But this was prior becoming Senate President.

Since your assumption of office, the most tremendous focus of yours is the inclination of federal government capital project to your deserted villages. This would obviously concured if we look intensively into the locations of National Airport in Wachakal, a village with zero economic productivity and about 400km far from the state capital city, Damaturu.

Recently, the 9th senate under your leadership passed a bill, proposed by committee on health, extolling the federal government to create eighteen Federal Universities of Medical Sciences and Biomedical Technology, across the six geopolitical zone. Where thy persist and proposed that the one must be situated at Yobe north, Gashua (your constituency) This is welcoming elation and my problem is not with the location but your greedy and discriminative notion by which you proposes that, the location of the institution must be same with Federal University Gashua, tandem. How can a two-cum-only federal universities be in the: same state, same local government, and same town?
Is Gashua the most educational rigour in Yobe state? Is Gashua the population giant of the state?

Ipso-factor, there are so many local government that if channelled this privilege to, would hone their economic growth and at last it would served the purpose behind the creation; it may produced so many young talents and deft medical personnel that might put their acquired knowledge into practice and compete to the world on relevant research and medical education. And these qualities are collectively found in Yobe state centre of state commerce and economy; Potiskum.

Thank you

Ali Tijjani Hassan

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