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UDUS 101: An Introduction to the Most Peaceful University -By Hussain Wahab

A Welcome Message for the Newly Admitted Students.

You see, I’m not interested in Taliban and Afghanistan matter, neither will I choose today to discuss the hike in acceptance fee as claimed by some students. In fact I will not talk whether or not there will be increment in next session fees and why UDUS was ranked 38th in Top 100 university ranking.

At the same time, I will choose another day to write on how my takeaway was taken away by unknown person just “because I no get money.” However, today, I will be a pilot, piloting you to a journey of UDUS 101: An introduction to the most peaceful university.

Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, also known as UDUSOK, is a public research institution located in the city of Caliphate. It is one of the twelve universities founded in Nigeria by the federal government in 1975. In UDUS, certificate is awarded based on leaning and character. The institution is tolerant as it houses different people from different cultures, places, beliefs and languages but, bear in mind, the management will never tolerate intolerableness. Good character and decency is paramount, or else you want to see maggots in your salt.

Yes, I knew that you will be orientated and taught different courses but should know also that this kind of orientation and course will not be included, so I deem it fit to fit it in here.

Let’s unveil the curtain with Pressure in pleasure disguise. Dear new students, once you are given confirmation letters there are a lot you are going to encounter. Sometimes, it will glitter, whereas it is nothing but rusty dust or gutter.

Should I start with the school library? Many will leave their hostels with the intention to read but the reverse will be the case once the attractive plasma screen of the almighty library beeped into their eyes. A thought will then inculcate their minds. For instance: “This is a big and tough match between Chelsea and Manchester City. How about that of PSG and Barca. Oh, no! I must watch it.” Brethren, before you know it, book has been kept aside. My dear, don’t be like this. Be warned of failure.

Time consciousness is essential. Schedule your time judiciously and avoid any form of distraction. You should be a learner that reads at the end of every lecture and prepares ahead of examination in order to prevent failure. The saying goes thus: “A stitch in time saves nine.” Extra curriculum activities are good but excess of it is dangerous.

Should I even talk about different people whom your path will cross with? These type of people include the chameleons, the dove, the tortoise, the crocodile; the sweet and the bitter, or the good and the bad? No doubt, in your dormitories you will be mixed with different people, you have to be diplomatic and tolerant enough in dealing with people. University is a universe and not your mini home.

Lest I forget, apart from money, foods and book you’re bringing along, do not forget to stash mosquito nets in your bags. In Sokoto, mosquitoes are experienced professionals in their profession. Also, I must warn you of the harsh cold weather just the same way I’ll warn you of the stifling heat. I know you’re strong, you can bear the unbearableness.

You will surely encounter strange things but try to focus on your purpose. University is a microscope of real life, try to view it well. Be calm, humble, associate, explore and respect others and their differences.

As you resume to confirm your admission, let me warn you: At night, you should walk with your peers. Always be with your torch, if you don’t want something to touch you. Better heed these warnings to avoid stories that touch.

In the next chapter of UDUS 101, we shall discuss what creeps in the night, and why you must be a super creeper to overcome them.

To all newly admitted students, as you start receiving your confirmation today, I welcome you to the most peaceful university in Nigeria. And I wish you the best of luck in your study.

Wahab is an intermediate law student in UDUS

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