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My Wife Targets My Scrotum When We Fight, Says I Stink — Husband

He brought home his 11-yr-old child from his ex-lover, has 8 concubines

A man, Olanrewaju Adeniran, has approached Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying it to put an end to the wedlock between him and his wife, Fatimo Adeniran.

Olanrewaju in his divorce suit alleged that his wife had refused that he had rest of mind.

The plaintiff stated that the defendant was in the habit of fighting him.

According to him, Fatimo extended her hostile nature towards his family members and neighbours thus giving him a bad name.

The plaintiff further explained that the defendant humiliated him by telling him he had body odour, while he constantly assaulted him both at home and in the public.

Olanrewaju stated that he could no longer receive insult from his wife.

Fatimo on her part accused her husband of infidelity.

She stated that her husband’s concubines were eight in number and that she knew them.

Olarenwaju in his testimony explained thus: “My lord, I want my 20-year-old marriage to my wife dissolved this morning or else she will kill me.

“All that Fatimo knows to do is to fight. She fights me almost on daily basis and has not spared my family members and neighbours.

“We were living with my brother early in our marriage and Fatimo ensured we knew no peace. She fought me and my whole family and later the tenants.

“She once turned the whole house upside-down when my brother travelled.  He sent us packing on his return and we had no other choice than to move into our uncompleted building.

“Fatimo disrupted the peace of this neighbourhood a few weeks after we moved in.

“She stopped our neighbour’s wife from fetching water and remained adamant even after elders in the community mediated in their differences. They later got her arrested by the police.

“My lord, Fatimo has refused to change despite being invited by the DPO on three different occasions for counseling.

“She turns a deaf ear to our family members’ advice and disregarded the admonishment of our pastor and his wife.

“Fatimo made our home too hot for me to live in after an ex girlfriend of mine brought and handed over to me an 11-year-old boy which she stated was the product of our relationship, “the plaintiff explained

He added that, “My wife uses unprintable words at me.

“She tells me I stink and kicks me in the scrotum when we fight.

“She complains that I am lazy and any time I go to my farm to work, she will accuse me of sleeping with other women there.

“Fatimo once assaulted me at a party. She hit me with a metal purse in the eye and also bit me. I had bloodshot eye as a result of this and almost went blind.

“I moved out of the house after this so as to stop her from killing me “the Olanrewaju stated.

Fatimo told the court, “My husband feels fulfilled when he drinks and womanises.

“Olanrewaju is not a responsible husband. He goes out any time it pleases him and will sometimes not return home for days.

“He refuses to take me along when attending socials. He humiliates me and tells me I am not presentable.

“My husband brought home an 11-year-old boy shortly after we got married. I was then pregnant.

“He told me his mother was his ex friend and that she just informed him that she had a child for him.

“I accepted the boy and took good care of him despite my husband’s unfriendly disposition towards the child I had before meeting me.

“My lord, Olanrewaju runs after everything in skirt. He has eight concubines and I know them all. They were all around during our child’s naming ceremony and even gave me money.

“One of them pays him a regular visit in our house, “the defendant stated.

Fatimo added that, “Olanrewaju hardly ever stays at home and when he does, he fights me.

“He beat me to a pulp on one of such days and broke my arm. I was incapacitated for months.

“He calls me a witch and refuses to eat my food.

“My lord, he went as far as dragging me before a deity to swear.

“My husband woke me up one night and informed me he wanted to take a new wife and I gave him a go-ahead with a promise from him that he would not be partial.

“Olanrewaju is a liar. He is not solely responsible for our children’s welfare. We both contribute towards their wellbeing.

“I once rebuked one of his children from his first marriage and he got me arrested by the police. He lied at the police station that I wanted to throw her down from a storey building.

“Olanrewaju also lied that his brother threw us out because I was troublesome.

“We were thrown out because he always brought home his lover, “she concluded.

The suit was initially adjourned till March 31, but Olanrewaju was absent in court.

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo therefore adjourned the case till June 2 for judgment.

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