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My Wife Destroyed My Property, Threatened To Kill Me ‘Cos I Have A Girlfriend —Husband


A man, Abidemi Oladejo, has told Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, he is no longer interested in his union with his wife, Aishat Oladejo, on the grounds that she is troublesome, rebellious and destructive.

Abidemi explained that she constantly destroyed the ware in his shop and sent his customers away.

The plaintiff further stated that the defendant, on discovering that he had a girlfriend threatened to kill him.

Abidemi told the court that rather than enjoy his marriage to his wife, he has endured their relationship for years.

The plaintiff thus appealed to the court to end their relationship.

Aishat denied all the allegations leveled against her by her husband.

The defendant accused her husband of being irresponsible.

According to her, Abidemi never showed interest in their children’s welfare.

Aishat told the court she was the one clothing their children and paying their school fees.

However, Abidemi in his testimony said, “My lord, my marriage to Aishat gives me no joy. I have been enduring our relationship since we got married.

“Aishat is stubborn, troublesome and has succeeded in making life difficult for me.

She never listens to my counsel nor takes instructions from me. My wife flouts my orders at will.

“I bought her a sewing machine for her to make a living out of, but she failed in this regard. All that my wife knows to do is to fight.

“Armed robbers once broke into our apartment and drew dangerous weapons at us, but I  managed to escape.

“These men of the underworld went away with my belongings among which was my phone and money.

“Aishat started giving me hell after the incident.

“She decided she and our children were no longer going to stay in our apartment again. According to her, she was scared the armed men might launch an attack again.

“She deserted me for three months. She moved to her family house and insisted she would not return until I rented another apartment.

“She went on to rent another place after I stood my ground we were living nowhere else.

“I warned her that the step she took could break our marriage but she remained adamant.

“Aishat came to pack the remaining of her property and we lived separately for an additional six months.

“I paid my wife and our children regular visits at her new place, but ensured I never spent the night with her.

“Any time I visited, I always give her and our children feeding allowance and also attended to their other needs.

“I have consistently made our children’s education my priority.

“My lord, despite all I do to make my wife comfortable, she will still come to my shop to destroy my goods and fight me.

“She will turn my shop upside down.

“Aishat will threaten my workers and send away my workers.

“My lord, Aishat became more troublesome after she learnt I now have a girlfriend.

“She threatens everyday to kill me.

“My lord, I fear Aishat can make real her threat.  I don’t wish that she terminates my life and leave our children without a future.

“I am tired of my wife. I, therefore, entreat this honourable court to rule that we go our different ways,” the plaintiff stated.

Aishat during cross examination told Abidemi, “You are a liar. You never bought me a machine.”

She further stated that, “You know nothing about our children’s education. I declare before this honourable court that I’m the one paying our children’s fees. I pay N3,500, N2,500 and N2,000 respectively as fees for our three children.

The defendant went on, “You consistently shirk your responsibility towards these children and care less if they went naked. I clothe them on regular basis and provide them the other needs,” Aishat stated.

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned the case till April 26 for continuation of hearing.

Curled from Nigerian Tribune

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