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Nigeria: Igala Land In Dire Need Of Spiritual Appeasement And Cleansing: By S.M. Ochidi

Jan 14, 2022

Ane Igala (Igala land) is in dire need of cultural, traditional, religious and spiritual appeasement and cleansing.

We need to put sentiments, politics and religion aside and come together to open our heart to God and ask for forgiveness for all our collective misdeeds. No blames, no accusations, no hatred, no exceptions. One goal, one focus, one mind and one direction. Let us pray away politics of hatred and do or die.

The trend of going into politics as the only means of acquiring wealth and not to serve the people is what has destroyed Nigeria, and that is what has robbed Ane Igala of peace, love and harmony. I am weeping because in my time Ane Igala has gone from a land of peace, love and hospitality to a land of hatred, mistrust, hostilities and banditry.

Agaaaaaabaidu!!!, Ogijo dunyi kache ma chimoto, Oli kima buni kia ro tulaka tulaka, I prostrate! History beckons on you at this moment. Go into spiritual retreat sir. Talk to our ancestors, plead for their forgiveness on our behalf, and then as you seat on your fathers’ stool proclaim peace to Igala land.

Warn our politicians to play with clean hands. Tell them that anyone who kills to attain power would die before realising that power. Lay a royal curse on anyone who kills or kidnaps for whatever reason.

Pronounce blessings and unimaginable prosperity on all who sincerely labour for survival, proclaim prosperity and peace on all who honestly go about their lawful businesses, whether indigene or visitor. You will rule forever! Agaaaaaaaabaidu!!!

The Catholic Bishop of Idah Diocese, the leadership of all Pentecostal, Evangelical and Apostolic Ministries, the Chief Imams of Ane Igala!!!

History beckons on you. From your Pulpits, proclaim peace on Ane Igala. Pray away politics of bitterness from Ane Igala. Appeal to the conscience of our politicians to place value on human lives.

They are all Muslims, Christians and traditionalists. None of these religions permit killing of human beings with impunity. They all hold to the tenet of the sanctity of human life. Peace is realisable, peace is attainable and peace is sustainable if we all come together as one and put our minds there.

All Igala Political Leaders at all levels!!! History beckons on you today! Ane Igala is weeping and is looking for shoulders to lean on. Ane Igala needs your shoulders to lean on and sob, and cry away her sorrows.

You have all collectively sold her glory to the Igbirra people. Ane Igala is grieving as you collectively declared that a total stranger is preferable to lead you.

Ane Igala is disillusioned to see you collectively wager away her majority status and drag her down to play the second fiddle. How can Igala be second in Kogi State? Now Ane Igala is wondering whether we are even second in the political matrix of Kogi State at the moment. Ane Igala is calling on you all to put selfish interests, political affiliation, segregations and malice aside, come together as one and purge yourselves of all the crimes you have either committed or orchestrated at any time in your political adventures, ask for forgiveness and submit yourselves to the commitment to work assiduously for lasting peace, harmony and development of all parts of Ane Igala. See all people of Igala as brothers and sisters, see all parts of Igala land as home.

It shall be well with you all if you hearken to this call, come together and do the needful. It is realisable, it is attainable, and it is sustainable.
Finally, all Igala People of goodwill and all friends of Igala people!!! History beckons on you! Tell us the truth.
Tell us how we have gone from good to ugly within a short period because of politics of bitterness and do or die. Tell us how barbaric Igala people have become because of politics, money and influence.

Tell us how yester brothers have become arch enemies overnight. Tell our youth that politicians don’t distribute guns, money and drugs to their own children, because they know it destroys.

Tell our youth that the politicians don’t love them, they are only using them. They don’t even want to see them become useful, they only want them as dirty boys for dirty jobs. Please, Igala elders, try and bring your children together to know that their future is better secured if the work honestly for it. Easy money leads nowhere else but to easy death and miserable

Solomon Musa Ochidi Writes From Dekina