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The Icing on Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s Cake, By Lamela U. Lakorok

As we draw close to the end of the year, we reflect on the blessings and challenges we have experienced. We do so in complete gratitude to God, knowing that our wellbeing subsists in the providence of a divine God. We extend our condolences to those who have lost members of their families or property due to natural disasters or manufactured evil. We live in an imperfect world, full of misfortunes and uncertainties. The callous and mediocre leadership of Gov Inuwa exacerbates such troubles in the state.

UNICEF’s last month’s grim and sobering report confirms that Gombe state is 74.6% poor. The statement is a wake-up call to all citizens to play their roles in reviving Gombe as an economic powerhouse in Nigeria. We must each hold to integrity, respect the rule of law, and encourage innovation in our young people. We are willing to work with our political leaders, business entrepreneurs, religious leaders, and non-governmental organizations to effect changes and development. We also call on Gov. Inuwa to reflect on his style of administration and take advantage of the enormous resources of Gombe state within and without Nigeria. His current model does not bode well for the masses and will only destroy the legacies of his predecessors. What a tragedy that our children’s future is gloomy because of the lack of visionary leadership. His incompetence is only surpassed by the sheep-like behavior of some people whose God is their stomach. Therefore, we call on the Gombe state Legislature to show some bones and act as an equal member of the three arms of government. They must curtail the excesses of the governor and bring some sanity to the financial mismanagement.

While Gov. Inuwa parades himself as a demi-god in the state, we continue to seek recourse in the court of law. We believe in the rule of law and the judicial system as the instrument of justice. We have seen justice catch up with Justice Pindiga, vindicating Justice Beatrice and the evil he perpetrated against her. We will see justice prevail against Gov. Inuwa’s mistreatment of innocent Tangale sons and daughters. Justice will prevail for HRH Dr. Musa Idris Maiyamba in due course. We shall never surrender our sovereignty to an errant zealot. Justice will stay for the poor workers discharged unceremoniously so the governor can siphon their salaries to his pet projects. We call on the former executive governors of the state to use their prestige and influence as men of integrity to salvage our government from total anarchy.

In this vein, we call on Mallam Danladi Maishanu to stop parading himself as Mai Tangle and desist from visiting Tangale towns. The case of Mai Tangle is officially in court, and it demands that he respects the court order. Furthermore, his recent visits to Tanglang and Tal intimidated our people, resulting in security concerns for Tangale land. His sycophant called Simon Lamiya, who parades himself as Tangale Community Development Association (TCDA) Chairman, is an imposter in the manner of Maishanu. No Tangale person recognizes him, and he is impersonating the TCDA leadership. He is fake and a disgrace to the Tangale people. We call on all well-meaning people to abstain from identifying with the man. He is as useless to Tangale as Babaji Babadidi.

If anyone doubts the divisiveness of Gov. Inuwa, please think about the recent election of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) leadership in the state. What has the state to do with the election of religious organization leaders? Yet, the governor shamelessly went to the media and announced what he had chosen as leaders of CAN. The man is in over his head. Yet, we have not heard the Legislature or Judiciary call him to order in these callous acts. We know that his intentions are for division in the state, just like he sowed the seed of discord in Tangale land. Therefore, we call on those ordained ministers who are falling for the deceit of the governor to disavow the relationship and distance themselves from this atrocity. CAN has elected its leaders; let us pray for unity among Christians and Muslims. We appeal to Gombe District Church Council (DCC) to investigate the involvement of Mr. Babaji Babadidi in the intentional intrusion of the state in church matters. If it is true that he was involved in the process, he should be disciplined accordingly.

In the spirit of the Christmas celebration of peace on earth through the birth of the Messiah, we call on Tangale people to exhibit the olive leaf to their neighbors. We are a tolerant community, and we must respect other religions and their dietary laws. While everyone should exercise their religious and cultural liberties, we must do so with love and respect for the other. The Apostle Paul says, “everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. No one should seek his own welfare, but rather his neighbor’s” (1 Cor 10:23-24). He made this statement in the context of dietary regulations. Therefore, we appeal to those celebrating the holidays to exercise restraint and be careful to honor the intent of the season in word and deed.

Finally, let us remember that we have found ourselves in uncertain times in Gombe state. We have the opportunity to overcome religious differences and seek to build a better society for our posterity. Inuwa Yahaya is a mortal being, and his days are numbered. Soon he will vacate his position, but humanity remains to the end of time. Therefore, let us disavow those who sow the seed of discord in our community. We know them by name. Some are Christians, and some are Muslims. They thrive in causing divisions because it is the only way they know to survive. We are fully aware of the divisiveness inspired by the Fawu family. However, we also know of the same caused by Babaji Babadidi and Simon Lamiya. The community should ostracise these people because their actions result in losing lives and division. They are the icing on Gov. Inuwa Yahaya’s cake.

We wish all our Christian brothers and sisters a very Merry Christmas. May we remember the reason for the season and proclaim peace to all. Therefore, be mindful of activities that do not promote peace and be watchful for invaders who seek to cause havoc and destruction of lives and property. Furthermore, we encourage our youth to be vigilant and take responsibility for the community’s wellbeing. Finally, we want to wish the people of Gombe state a prosperous new year.

Lakorok is the General Secretary, Tangale Community Overseas (TCO). He writes from United States of America, on behalf of TCO.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Justice will prevail in Jesus name amen,

  2. Abdullahi Ahmed Longs says

    Morning sir, can you further elucidate on the divisiveness caused by the Fawu’s family for proper understanding . Thanks

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