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Nigeria: Tangale Community Rebukes Embattled Mai Tangle Over Meddling in Local Government Affairs, Describes Action as Personal Aggrandizement

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By Iliya Kure

Elders of Tangale Community in Gombe state and leadership of the Tangale Community Development Association (TCDA), the socio-cultural group, have expressed shock over action by their embattled traditional ruler, Mr. Danladi Maishanu Maiyamba, who “supposedly” invited investors from Kano to rebuild local government shops burnt in the Billiri mayhem of February 19th – a process they claimed did not originate from the local government authority, nor the community.

“This arrangement is sinister and rejected in totality,” says a communique signed by Agur Sankache, National President, Tangale Community Development Association (TCDA), adding that “the purported Mai Tangle, told the world during a Press Conference sometimes back that they [investors] would rebuild the burnt Billiri market stalls, allocate and thereafter collect revenue from the beneficiaries until they recoup their investment thereon.”

Mr. Danladi was announced ‘Mai Tangle’ by governor Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe state, despite scoring 2 votes against Dr. Musa Idris Maiyamba, who scored 5 votes in an election by Tangale kingmakers. Tangale people have refused to recognise him as their ruler and since then, he has been operating from Gombe, the state headquarters.

According to the communique, the move is illegal, and “will be challenged in the courts by the Tangale Nation.”

The Tangale people wondered the motive of inviting “members of the Kano Business Community to Tangale,” pointing out that same investors could be sourced within Gombe State, where they have individuals with “technical know-how and financial muscle to execute the work. We, therefore, consider this as economic exploitation of the highest order.”

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The community also wondered why the embattled traditional ruler will be involving himself in government business, especially when he was not invited to take part, warning that the community will not tolerate such actions.

“It is generally a known fact, that all government’s policies and programmes at all levels are executed by its officials and maintained when commissioned. It therefore not the business of Malam Danladi Maishanu, the so-called Mai Tangle who has nothing to do with seeking, identifying and or inviting developers for and on behalf of the Local Government whose property was destroyed.

“Furthermore, the local government never authorized him or any other person to do any bidding on its behalf. Consequently, Tangale people do not accept a meddlesome interloper, whose activities may look like patriotism, whereas, it is for personal aggrandizement with resultant high-level instability.

Accordingly, the community is calling for the removal of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Billiri, Mr. Ahmed Umar Sanda for unprofessionalism.

“The DPO Billiri division, Ahmed Umar Sanda has clearly shown to be a religious bigot, who always exhibit it in his attitude towards issues. We are therefore calling on the Commissioner of Police, Gombe State to transfer him out of Billiri, for the sustenance of the relative peace we are enjoying in Billiri.

Recent Action by the DPO

AFRICA PRIME NEWS gathered that the DPO has recently been involved in a saga, where he ordered the arrest of a Tangale youth, whose offense was involvement in the business of slaughtering and selling of dog meat.

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Many residents of the community say the action of the DPO was informed by his religious belief which forbit eating of dog meat. Eating of dog meat is however approved by the Tangale culture.

The DPO’s action generated tension and led to Facebook campaigns calling for the removal of the Mr. Sanda. The Chairperson of Local Government Area, Ms. Margaret and Member Representing Billiri East in Gombe State House of Assembly, Mr. Rambi Ayala, waded in to calm the situation

Initial report has it that the DPO was transferred to Pero Chonge, in neighbouring Shongom LGA, but Mr. Sanda is still serving in Billiri.

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