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Visit to Embattled Mai Tangle: Banganje Community Sacks National Auditor, Ban Him, 2 Others for 20 Years From Participating in Community Activities

By Iliya Kure

Banganje Community Development Association (BCDA) in Tangale land, Gombe state, northeast Nigeria, has sacked its National Auditor, Mr. Danbayi Emmanuel Paper, for leading some of his kinsmen to visit Mr. Danladi Maishanu Maiyamba, who was crowned as Mai Tangle, by Governor Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe state.

Tangale people have rejected the “imposition” of Mr. Maishanu, as Mai Tangle, by the Governor, on the basis that Mr. Maishanu won only 2 votes out of 9 votes of Tangale kingmakers.

In February, Tangale kingmakers voted for a new Mai Tangle, to replace Late Mr. Abdu Buba Maisheru II, who passed on in January. Results of the votes show that Dr. Musa Idris Maiyamba clinched 5 votes, Mr. Ahmed Magaji, secured 2 votes, while Mr. Danladi Maishanu, also got 2 votes.

However, the governor announced the appointment of Mr. Maishanu, as the new Mai Tangle, claiming that Gombe State Chieftaincy Law has giving him powers to appoint any of the three, as the new ruler, regardless of the votes scored.

Since then, Tangale people have refused to recognise Mr. Maishanu as their ruler; they have also refused to accord him any courtesy or honour deserved by traditional ruler.

The rejection by the people made Mr. Maishanu to continue to remain in Gombe, five months after his appointment by the Governor; and he is yet to relocate to Billiri, the seat of the Tangale palace.

Embattled Mai Tangle, Mr. Danladi Maishanu with visiting Banganje Youth

Visit to Embattled Mai Tangle by the youth

First week of August, pictures emerged on Facebook of some Tangale youths with Mr. Maishanu, with the accompanying caption (translated from Hausa language);

“Patriotic Youth from Banganje District have visited His Royal Highness Mai Tangle today Tuesday, asking for forgiveness. May God help us, protect us, protect Tangale land.”

The impression painted by the picture was that Banganje youth have accepted and endorsed Mr. Mishanu as Mai Tangle, which generated a lot of concern in Tangale land.


Community Meeting and Action

Following the visit and debate generated on social media, Banganje community summoned a meeting comprising of elders, youth and women. The main agenda was the visit to Mr. Maishanu by the youths.

During the meeting, some of those who took part in the visit confessed how they were “tricked” by Danbayi Emmanuel (who is interested in contesting for councillorship), to accompany him to his political Godfather, Mr. Babadidi, in Gombe, only for them to see Mr. Maishanu, coming out to receive them.

The community unanimously decided that those behind the visit be punished for their action and for embarrassing the Tangale nation.

They therefore, sacked Mr. Danbayi from his position as National Auditor of Banganje Community Development Association (BCDA) for masterminding the visit.

A statement signed by the National PRO of the Association, Ishaku Samanja, says, “That comrade Danbayi Emmanuel Paper, who was instrumental to the visit has been dismissed as the National Auditor of BCDA with immediate effect and banned from participating in any community activities for the next 20 years. The community has also declared him as a person of mistrust conduct.

“Also, that Danjuma Samson, also known as Ranjeet, will also serve same punishment.

“That Ishaku Adamu (Chaku) will serve same punishment.”


Willing Apology to the Tangale Nation

Few days later a picture started making rounds with the following text

“These people are those that were used, mislead, and forced to embark on a so-called confession trip to an unknown person they never intended or would have never done if they were not taken hostages or kidnapped. These few, all willingly come to tender their written apology letters before Banganje community (BCDA) and TCDA leaders to be taken to the entire Tangale land seeking and calling on Tangale people to forgive their unintended action. But the original three SYCOPHANTS, KIDNAPPERS failed to appear, so legal action will be taken against them right away. Namely, Danbayi Emmanuel paper, Danjuma samson Rangit, Ishaku chaku. What’s next mamu Tangle?”


Confessing Banganje Community Youths

Shortly after that, videos emerged of some of the people involved in the visit confessing and the roles they played

According to two of the youths who were part of the entourage, Danjuma samson and Ishaku Musa, they were not aware that it was Mr. Maishanu they were going to see; they were only told they would be seeing Hon Babaji Babadidi in Gombe, over the vacant councillorship seat.

“I being the driver never imagine i will fall so cheaply for this gimmick, my vehicle was only hired for the trip only to be roped in by the main culprit Danbayi” Danjuma Samson stated.

Also speaking, Ishaku Musa, said, “I was not billed for the trip initially because I and my fiancée who is from neighbouring village Kalmai, planned visiting Gombe on the ill-fated day, we actually boarded the vehicle just like any passenger will do but on reaching Gombe, instead of dropping us we were asked by Danbayi to accompany them somewhere to collect a message not knowing he has a sinister plan to soil our names. I and my fiancée are innocent and regret any embarrassment it may have cause our community”


The Full Statement by Banganje Community Banning the Youths from Community Activities

The attention of the National Leadership of Banganje Community Development Association (BCDA) has been drawn to a purported visit to Malam Danladi Maishanu, the government appointed Mai Tangle, by some miscreants, who are saboteurs and enemies of Banganje and Tangale in general.

Their act undermines the true reflection of our community which is well known to everyone.

Press Release by Banganje Community Development Association (BCDA)

The story making rounds as a result of a report carried on a media outfit GMC by one Muktari Inuwa Tumu, that Banganje people had visited Malam Danladi Maishanu Maiyamba, seeking for apology and for him to forgive the people of Banganje is untrue, malicious and misleading.

The so-called visit is a deception and never happened at all as seen in the pictures circulating on social media.

Some group of misguided youth who decided to go and see him for reasons best known to them doesn’t represent the good people of Banganje and Tangale land.

So, therefore we are calling on the indigenes of Banganje and Tangale as a whole within and outside Nigeria to vehemently disregard the whole charade by these misguided youths.

Therefore, based on the foregoing, the following far reaching decisions was unanimously adopted by the entire Banganje community at an emergency meeting convened on 4th August, 2021 in Banganje.

That comrade Danbayi Emmanuel Paper, who was instrumental to the visit has been dismissed as the National Auditor of BCDA with immediate effect and banned from participating in any community activities for the next 20 years. The community has also declared him as a person of mistrust conduct.

Also, that Danjuma Samson, also known as Ranjeet, will also serve same punishment.

That Ishaku Adamu (Chaku) will serve same punishment.

The community demand for public apology in lieu of instituting a legal action for impersonating the leadership of BCDA by the above-mentioned individuals.

The apex body of the community is therefore warning anyone thinking of indulging in such act to have a rethink, as severe measures will be meted out as punishment.

The community once again wish to tender an unreserved apology to TCDA and the entire Tangale community for this unfortunate act carried out by these few ones.

We hope with these far-reaching decisions taken, they have learned their lessons and will henceforth not allow any body be it a politician, or whoever to misguide them.

Yamba Woku Banganje!

Yamba Woku Tangle!!



Ishaku Samanja

National Public Relations Officer

Banganje Community Development Association (BCDA)

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