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Nigeria: Linking Justice Beatrice To Billiri Crisis, Shameless and Criminal Act – Tangale Community Tells DSS

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By Our Reporter

The Tangale Community Overseas (TCO), a Tangale socio-cultural organisation, has accused the Department of State Services (DSS) of inventing a path to connect a Gombe State High Court Judge, Justice Beatrice Iliya, with the recent Billiri crisis, concocted by the State Governor, Inuwa Yahaya.

Reacting to a letter from the DSS to the Gombe State Judicial Service Commission entitled, “Concern Over the Activities of Senior Judicial Officer, Justice Beatrice Iliya (F)” the Association in a statement, describes the letter as one filled with blatant lies and misinformation.

According to the Association, “on account of the letter, the National Judiciary Council (NJC) removed her name from consideration for the position of Chief Justice. Yet, none of the accusations was substantiated.”

The TCO statement, which was titled “The Trickling of Justice and the Legacy of Governor Inuwa Yahaya” issued by the Association’s Secretary General, Lamela Umaru Lakorok, contends that there is no evidence whatsoever of Justice Beatrice relegating her esteem position to the low standard of instigating violence.

“The inflammatory link of Justice Beatrice to the Billiri crisis by the DSS is shameless, criminal act and unworthy of the office,” it said.

Accusing her of being a member of Tangale Community Development Association, they said, is tantamount to accusing her of being a Tangale woman.

“The TCDA is a registered entity in Nigeria, and every prominent Tangale person is associated with it. To see the DSS accuse her of being a supporter of TCDA is a joke, as the name of the DSS secretary, “Joke,” implies. But then, they work for Gov. Inuwa; what could be worse? As well, the TCDA expects to hear the charges against it by the DSS.”

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The Association therefore calls on the NJC “to respect the rule of law and reach out to Justice Beatrice and give her the chance to respond to the accusations labeled against her by disgraceful DSS who had stooped so low to tarnish the image of the organization at the national level.

“We know that Justice Pindiga has several accusations against him, yet miraculously, he has emerged as a clean candidate along with Justice Awak. The irony of injustice in the ranks of those saddled with the task of ensuring justice is not lost to us.”

The Association describes the case of Justice Beatrice Iliya as closely related to the issue of the Mai Tangle stool, recalling its earlier remarks on Gov. Inuwa’s mistreatment of Justice Beatrice, which was an open assault on the Tangale minority people group by the Fulani conquest movement.

The group lamented that the accusation by the DSS in writing is not only a character assassination but also horrendous, and the DSS must apologize for such childish behavior on its part, pointing out that the bottom line is that Gov. Inuwa has done everything possible to frustrate her career as a female Justice from Tangale.

The group lamented the character and behavior of Gov. Inuwa and what it described “his attack dogs” have been thuggish and brute, with complete disregard to the rule of law.

On the commission of inquiry into the Billiri crisis, the Association pleaded with members of the commission not only to stand up with what is fair and just, but stand in their integrity.

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The Association also stressed the need for the Tangale king makers to continue to stand by their people, adding that their authority and respect are derived from the people and not the State, no matter what threat they face.

Click on this link to read the full Statement of the TCO

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