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Be Optimistic, Simple and Positive About Love

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Dear One,

It doesn’t matter whether they break your heart for hundred or thousand times; hold this tight👇





Life happens

Love happens

Feelings fade away

New love is built and found

Nothing is permanent


Always give love a space. Do not give space for negative thought in your life. Remember your life attracts what you belief or feed your mind with.


I’ve experienced 3 undeserved heart breaks and it will never make me to believe that all men are heart breakers!!


Understand that not all relationship must lead to marriage; people may promise you marriage or commitment, but later change their minds, that doesn’t mean they should lock themselves against their will because of you.


Allow people to go. Do not tie anyone to your life. Life happens, people change, choices change too, and life is dynamic. Stop holding on to hurt and disappointment.


Learn to pick up yourself always and move on with optimism. That is how strong and happy people operate.

Be optimistic, be simple, be sweet, be smart, be positive and be strong!


Thanks for reading!


Yours always,

Malate Peter

Relationship Therapist/Counsellor

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