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Meet World’s Acclaimed Darkest Person, Nyakim Gatwech [Photos]

Nyakim Gatwech, is a South Sudanese-American model better known as ‘QUEEN OF THE DARK’ she resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Gatwech grew up used to being touted by people around her, for her exceedingly pigmented skin which today has earned her the name, “world’s most darkest person.”

28-year-old Gatwech, born to South-Sudanese parents, who now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota has come to appreciate her rare skin tone and is using it to explore the modelling world.

She already has over 900,000 followers on Instagram and has taken to encouraging people of colour to embrace their skin.

Gatwech once shared that she was advised by an Uber driver to bleach her skin plus queries from strangers who felt uncomfortable with her extraordinary dark skin.

In an interview with CBS News, Gatwech had said,” I was fine with my self-esteem and I started being torn down by society, and I started looking at myself. Do I blend in with what the society considered to be beautiful?”

According to black enterprise, Gatwech moved to Minneapolis as a teenager and remained for high school and college. It was there where she walked with more confidence and blossomed, realizing the beauty in her features.

According to Celebrity How, Gatwech has a net worth of $4 million from endorsements and brand ambassador deals with major companies like Fashion Nova.

Also, in an IG post, Gatwech had said, “She is black girl [excellence], she is me and I am her. My beautiful niece is the reason I do what I do so she doesn’t look at herself in the mirror and see anything else but beauty.”

“In a world that tries every day to tell us we’re not the beauty standard, I remind her and all the little black girls out there that they are drop-dead gorgeous, intelligent, brave outstanding and much more.” She added.

Nyakim Gatwech is making waves in the fashion industry with her sumptuously dark skin

Before the South Sudanese model found success, though, her unique beauty wasn’t celebrated by all

In 2016, an Uber driver suggested she bleach her skin, implying that her deep complexion was nothing to love

She simply responded with laughter, and has fully embraced her striking appearance ever since

“My chocolate is elegant. So is what I represent… A nation of warriors,” she captioned an Instagram photo

Now living in Minneapolis, Nyakim is a voice of encouragement for the Black community

“You are beyond beautiful and the love I have for you is unconditional because you are me,” she wrote

“Let’s show the world how beautiful and intelligent we are apart from just being dark skinned”

The burgeoning fashion icon has now gone viral, with over 100 thousand followers on Instagram

Though she still receives discouraging messages now and then, she refuses to give up her radiant self-love

She has even been dubbed the “Queen of the Dark,” a title she happily accepts

“My skin absorbs the suns rays and my hair defies gravity. Now you can’t tell me I’m not magical!”



Pictures adopted from boredpanda and other media websites

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